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Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Robin Hood, Les Misérables) makes his directorial The Water Diviner. Featuring a cast of up-and-coming Australian talent including Jai Courtney (Unbroken, Divergent) and Ryan Corr () and stunning Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion), The Water Diviner is a beautiful tale of the lengths a father will to go for his sons.

An extrodinary tale of hope, love, devotion and heroism, take home the soon-to-be Australian classic on Blu-ray & DVD from March 19, 2015.

Product Reviews

Samia4, Auburn NSW


we watched this movie has a family, we all enjoyed it we found it very interesting,it had a great story line the father tried his best for his sons as most of parents try to do

Robbo600, Clontarf QLD


Water Deviner is a beautiful, heart-wrenching journey that portrays a stunning story of gallipoli from both sides

David1393, East Bunbury WA


Break out the tissues for this one! A heart rending story of one man's search for his boys.

This movie tells the story of an Aussie farming family at the end of WW1. The three sons go off to war together and none came home. Their mother suffers severe depression at the loss of her boys. After she takes her own life, their father sets out on a mission to Turkey in search of his boys.

He faces several road blocks on his journey but along the way he finds a new love.

A really different perspective on WW1.

An excellent movie.

Sara390, Raymond Terrace NSW


Superbly made movie, definitely a movie for any Aussie to be proud of. As heartbreaking a story as it is inspirational. Shows what the Aussie spirit is truly capable of with the smallest glimmer of hope and a lot of fight and determination behind them. Would highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen this movie yet to get to it.

Diane180333, Chermside West QLD


It is an amazing story of how far a father will go to bring home his sons - alive or dead. There is also the idea of different countries war men can actually forge a bond of friendship even though they have been ravaged by War. There are still honourable men and women around. People who will help when your own country men will not.
It is an amazing journey from the out back of Australia to the back roads of Turkey, Greece and Gallipoli. It is truly a story of love, devotion and above all hope.
Watched it today (Anzac Day) as it just seemed to be the right time. Absolutely loved it.

Shana10, Moonta SA


I wasn't sure what to think about this one at first. I found it a little bit slow in the first couple of minutes, but so glad I stuck it out. Very very memorable movie and one that I'll be watching a couple of times. The lengths the character went to, to be able to put his mind at ease. Very very good story and I look forward to watching this one a few times more.

Scott7, Modbury Heights SA


The Water Diviner

Well what can i say about this Epic adventure movie? I would rate it an 8 and a half, not perfect but as close to it as I would rate it
With some amazing scenery shoots of Australia and the violence on the Battle field it really feel like you are there and you almost suffer what
the actors suffer. The movie is well- paced, well edited and doesn't drag.

If I were asked "what is this movie about?" I'd say it's an epic tale of love and hope, a beautifully crafted story inspired by real life. The movie
tells a Magical story th will remind all who watch that wars tear people and families apart.

Russell Crowe doesnt just direct this movie he does an outstanding job of acting too. with strong performance by Ryan Corr's and James Fraser this will please everyone
who watches. even a few tears will be shed by the hardest man in the room

So sit back and enjoy the tale

Cecilia41, Mosman NSW


'The Water Diviner' is certainly one of a kind story....although based around the history of Gallipoli, it is unique in the sense that it focuses on the story of one family in particular, the father of which is the Water Diviner, and how his talent as water diviner ultimately affects the outcome of the story. This is a very good film which I highly enjoyed watching...I recommend watching with a hanky or box of tissues nearby as there are many moving scenes. It was not all sad though, containing humour and many lighthearted moments to keep one's spirits up throughout the film. I am so glad that I got the chance to see this film, it is one of those films that stay with you forever.

Arnoud, Glenfield NSW


I went into this movie thinking it would be yet another war story. What I particularly liked about this one is how it approached the aftermath. The plot is a bit farfetched and romanticized here and there but it was a compelling story none the less. And with that said the tagline an extraordinary tale of hope, love, devotion and heroism holds true. As a father myself you would hope yourself to never find in the position Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) finds himself in, but would hope you have the courage and means to recover your sons in a far away land still under siege.

DMC_15, Scottsdale TAS


Being the first movie that Crowe has directed, I must say I think my expectations were too high. He either needed to solely direct or act in this movie, not both. The story line is great but the fact that his character is the main focus throughout the whole movie, I don't think Crowe was the right choice to play this role. It would be a great movie for the older generation to watch, however, being in my 20's I found it a little boring.