15 x Copies of 'Puberty Blues' on DVD

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About The Product

Based on the classic Australian novel by Gabrielle Carey & Kathy Lette, critically acclaimed PUBERTY BLUES is a coming of age story set in Sydney’s beach suburb of Cronulla in the 1970s.

Best friends Debbie & Sue are having the time of their lives, hanging out on the beach and fantasising about getting into the Greenhills gang – the bronzed surfers and their chicks who rule. They are blissfully unaware of the sexual and social mores of the group they long to join, and just as unaware of the tangled sexual and emotional lives their parents lead.

Puberty Blues is out now on DVD & Blu-Ray

Product Reviews

Alison , Clontarf QLD


Reminiscent of times gone by, this how I imagined life in the 70's to be. I enjoyed the series with it's no sugar coating storyline.