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Author Deb Hunt sets out to discover what makes what makes Australian farming families tick. She travels tens of thousands of kilometres to properties at either end of the country, from a vast, dusty cattle run in outback Queensland to the wheat belt of Western Australia and dairy and sheep farms in Tasmania. She introduces us to eight families who survive, even thrive, on the land despite fires, floods, personal hardship and uncertain economic times.

We see a different sort of family life, where the kids are expected to pitch in, the classroom is often the kitchen table, the nearest maternity hospital is a five-hour drive, and generations live and work side by side. We meet the French family, whose connection to the bush goes back seven generations, Philip the Philosopher, who by 29 was managing a property of more than one million hectares carrying 20,000 head of cattle, and the outspoken Roma Brittnell, who was awarded Australian Rural Woman of the Year in 2009.

Inspiring, moving and sometimes challenging, these stories provide a window into a way of life that defines the Australian spirit at its best.

Product Reviews

Lyn96, Redland Bay QLD


A well written book into the lives of those on the land. I think there are some similarities to city living, eg childcare, after school care. Nature favours no areas in the country some have it slightly better than others or you could say slightly worse.
The women were as determine as the men to give it a go, well done them and as for the kids they seem to bond better than the kids from the suburbs.
Deb wrote the book as if she was sitting down with you telling their stories.

Stacey374, Moonta Bay SA


Australian Farming families is a very insightful read. Especially for those who have never experienced this farming lifestyle and all that comes with it! It is such a detailed story of eight families that are simply inspiring. It is a beautiful, full of passion and determination! The photos are beautiful, real and add lots to the story. A must read for all!

Rebecca2526, Theodore ACT


Australian Farming Families is a wonderful book about life on the land with truly great stories told of life, love, hardship and success.

Deb Hunt the author of this book travels very long distances to properties at either end of Australia as she goes on a quest to find out exactly what makes what makes Australian farming families tick. Deb goes to visit a dusty cattle run in the outback in Queensland where you meet the Hughes family, east of Roma in Queensland who are quite strategic in running their beef enterprise. Deb visits Western Australia and dairy and sheep farms in Tasmania where you get to meet Tasmanian couple Virginia and Steve Chilcott who kept their farm businesses even after the arrival of their three children. You will have the pleasure of also meeting an interesting French family, whose has a great connection to the bush land and a family history that actually dates back to seven generations.

It’s truly inspiring to get to know and meet the eight families through this book. They are marvelous people who survive on the land despite the hard life and challenges that rural life imposes on Australian farmers of living through droughts, fires and personal hardships. This book is very interesting and also quite educational for the reader. I really enjoyed reading about the different families and farming lives especially where kids are taught from such a young age to do their chores and help around the place.

Australian Farming Families is a brilliant read, vivid and truly inspiring. I highly recommend this book.

Ian109, Mountain Creek QLD


I have read Australian Farming Families by Deb Hunt and completly enjoyed following the history ,the hardships and happiness and disapointments that our farmers had to encounter through a life on the land.
A wonderful story of families passing onto the next generation, there children getting ready to take over and continue in there footsteps particulary the French Family who had to endure extreme hardships.
All of these stories made me proud to be an Australian and I hope more people read this book and they would realise how country families worked side by side to strive for better lives on the land and there love for the land and the fighting spirit of Australian Farming Families.
I would definately reccomend this book as a must read and to pass onto your families and friends.

Carly332, Hervey Bay QLD


thankyou to lifestyle you for allowing me to review this book.

First up, i just want to say how incredible this book is. I felt like it was a really true and gritty look into the lives of the farming australians.

This book was written incredibly well and this book broke my heart, made me laugh, made me cry and made me realise how tough these aussies really are!

I have never been on such an emotional rollercoaster before.

I have a new found respect and gratitude for farmers and their families and i got to read about all their sacrifices that they made to keep the farm going.

I just wish that i could shake these farmers hands and say thankyou for their contribution. I feel like this book has really opened my eyes to a whole world that i had never considered before.

Deb Hunt, who wrote this book, has laid the stories out bare and i appreciate the honesty from the people telling their story. I look forward to reading more from Deb.

Tiffany249, Toongabbie VIC


Australian Farming Families by Deb Hunt is a great, very inspiring, realistic book, that opens our eyes to what it's really like in farming communities.
I really enjoyed reading this book, and think it's a great representation of Australia's way off life in the rural areas.
I highly recommend anyone to read this book, once I started this book, I could not put it down!! Great read!

Ella144810, Doncaster VIC


I enjoyed this book. I grew up in the country in New Zealand and it made me think about the differences that distance makes to rural communities. I passed the book on to my granddaughter, who is studying sociology, and she loved it too.

Angela1112, Halls Head WA


I really enjoyed “Australian farming families”. Through the book, you enter into the lives of eight farming families. Deb Hunt interviewed them all, and through her we learned about all of their achievements, their struggles, their hard life still filled with laughter.

Life has not been easy for any of them, most of them living in remote stations, far from family members, having to rely on the Royal Flying Doctor Service as their only medical care, being obliged to send their kids to boarding schools and having to face extreme weather conditions. Floods and droughts can turn everything around. You learn about dairy farming, sheep farming, mustering cattle, sustainable farming and so much more. And you learn about something very common: the struggle in combining work as parents and farmers.

A book you read very easily. A book where you can share their strife, their family histories, sad childhoods and very happy ones, distance education, illnesses… The book portraits generations of strong women and men that worked hard to keep their farms alive. You learn something through all of them. They inspire you to work hard to reach your goals. Because anything is possible if you just set your minds into it.

wsmarg, Aldinga Beach SA


What a great read. My husband and I both grew up on farms so found this a fascinating look at different farms to ours but also showed that farmers and their families have similar ways of coping with the good and the bad. The stories were long enough to give you a feeling you knew the people but not too long that you lost interest. Would be an excellent book to have in children's libraries as well so they could learn about how others in Australia grow up.
Thanks for the book, loved it.