15 x BX Earth Cleaning Hampers

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About The Product

BX Earth is a new, all-natural, Australian-made range of cheeky body washes and hand care washes based on the finest quality natural botanical-based ingredients.

With refreshing and pleasantly-potent Australian ingredients, the new BX Earth range is completely SLS and PBA-free!

Each of the four body washes (500ML) in the range dons a cheeky Aussie message such as “You Scrub Up Well”, “Hey Settle Petal”, “Bit Of A Soft Touch” and “Good Morning Sunshine!” and are priced at RRP $7.99.

The antibacterial hand care wash range (300ML) is priced at RRP $4.49 and includes; Desert Lime and Coconut, Mandarin and Lemon Aspen and Watermelon and Dragonfruit.

Utilising an advanced cellular extraction technique, the BX Earth range feeds the skin with essentials such as antioxidants, bio-active extracts and natural essential oils, harnessed in Australia’s native fruits, plants and herbs,

Made in Australia and available at all Coles supermarkets, BX Earth products are suitable for all skin types and come in earth-friendly plastic PET bottles suitable for recycling.

For more information about BX Earth please visit www.bxearth.com.au

Product Reviews

Jasmine, Freshwater QLD


Eventhough I have sensitive skin, these products were gentle on my skin. It was easy to use and quite refreshing. I love the scents especially the Watermelon and Dragonfruit hand wash. BX Earth is better than the other brands out there. Great product, great price, great for our skin and great for the environment. As an Australian made product - this deserves 5 stars

lois, Manly West QLD


These are the most awesome product - the smell is divine - you dont waste a lot of the product because it's a pump pack LOVE THAT IT IS MADE IS AUSTRALIA !!!!!!!!!!! This will be a new product that I will not do without - my son has sensitive skin and even he loves the smell and there is no reaction. This is a must have product Australia...................try it and you wont look back

Karen, Lockwood South VIC


Absolutely beautiful, the scents of each of the body washes and hand wash, gorgeous, my favourite hand wash - Mandarin and Lemon Aspen, so citrusly crisp and fresh, the Good Morning Sunshine body wash gave the get up and go to face a busy day. Definitely products I will always use and recommend.

Sarah252, Oatley NSW


My first thoughts when receiving such a beautiful package to trial was, which of these amazing products to start with? Each product had its’ only quirky name, like ‘Hey Settle Petal’ and ‘You scrub up well’ and they all smelt delicious.
I tried Desert Lime and Coconut hand wash first. It has a fresh, summery scent and the packaging stood out in my kitchen. In my bathroom I used Watermelon and Dragonfruit and received many compliments on this fun and fruity handwash.
I have also trialed ‘Good Morning Sunshine’, the lemon myrtle scent was great for a morning shower. 'Bit of a Soft Touch' with jojoba peach and vanilla bean extract is perfect for a calming and relaxing afternoon bath.
I love the fact that all the BX Earth products are PBA free, Australian owned and are free from harsh chemicals and detergents. Their products contain natural and Australian ingredients, which smell divine. I recommend any of the BX Earth products to friends and family and encourage others to support a home grown company.

Gem5, St Kilda VIC


These BX Earth body & hand care washes look and smell delicious, I do like the packaging although I did find a few bottles slightly difficult to unlock the pump initially, but that may have just been my clumsy fingers.
I have psoriasis, so my skin is overly sensitive and I do have to be careful and only use natural products, I have found BX Earth washes to soothing and non irritating for my skin.
My favourite washes would be the "Bit of a soft touch" with its gorgeous peachy vanilla goodness and the Desert Lime and Coconut hand care wash is a yummy holiday for my hands.
Overall they great value, smell divine, with simple but pretty packaging.
I would definitely recommend.

cp, Warranwood VIC


My whole family LOVES the BX Earth Antibacterial Hand Washes. With a variety of wonderfully smelling aromas such as Desert Lime and Coconut, Mandarin and Lemon Aspen and Watermelon and Dragonfruit, I found my kids were very happy and willing to wash their hands. The price of $4.49 is also great value for an environmentally friendly Australian product. I loved the names of the Body Washes, You Scrub Up Well, Hey Settle Petal, Bit of a Soft Touch and Good Morning Sunshine and priced at $7.99 for 500ml, they are very good value.

Louise92, Baulkham Hills NSW


I have been using this range for several weeks now. I absolutely love the handwashes, they work well and smell great! The body washes work well, although I didn't really like the scents for any except You Scrub Up Well. I love the idea that these are natural. They are great for my skin (which is normally very dry) and the scent from the lime and coconut handwash is divine!

Karin, Somerville VIC


After using all products, I would have to say my favourites were the desert lime & coconut handwash and the "you scrub up well"body wash. I felt clean, fresh & alive. They were a soft on my skin and didnt dry it out. Loved the fact that these were real Australian scents.