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About The Product

HistoriCool magazine knows that the best way to teach kids that ordinary people can do extraordinary things is by letting them discover the stories of those that have done it before them.

With each of its six issues per year packed full of educational, entertaining and inspiring stories from the past, HistoriCool turns history-haters into history-lovers, and history-lovers into the sorts of people who could one day appear in its pages…

8-14 year-olds will be engaged by fun articles, challenged by puzzles and quizzes and involved in opportunities to contribute to the magazine.

Purchase issues and subscriptions at www.historicool.com.au.

Product Reviews

Angela1261, Kippa-ring QLD


Love the magazine especially the quiz section in the back.

Christian81, Essendon VIC


Really good magazine and has lots of cool things to read about.

Robm, Essendon West VIC


I have got to say that my kids found this book really interesting and fun so much so they keep checking the mailbox for next months issue.

Even my 5 year old is enjoying learning about history so this is a real winner.

We all sit down together and go through a couple of pages most nights before bed....they talk about what we read for days which shows they actually remembered it which is fantastic.

Who thought that history could be interesting and fun for kids.

Jarree, Austins Ferry TAS


Historicool is a great fun and educational magazine for kids, both my boys 8 & 9 loved it. They loved reading the stories about the ANZAC's, it really helped them get a grip of what of what our ANZAC's really mean. Our 8 year old especially loved all the fun activities, word finds, letter writing and mazes. I highly recommend Historicool.

Kaye & Luke, Buxton NSW


I found the magazine very informative and helpful for any child at school
The games throughout the magazine is fun and at the same time teaching kids all about that current magazine and this month was Anzacs and Gallipoli
I would recommend for any parent or school to buy

Tapiwa, Gosford NSW


Interesting and educational. Good amount of factual material with lots of fun, interactive ideas / games / puzzles. Especially like the historicook section. Would like a historifashion section too!