14 x V-etched Grater & Zester Packs

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About The Product

The V-etched Box Grater features three non-stick blades with V-shaped etched teeth. A slicer blade is included on the side of the unit, making the it the most versatile of all the Edgeware graters. The box grater features a soft touch handle, non-slip base, along with an easy open container bottom. The clear side of this grater includes measurement markings to assist when cooking. Also included with the box grater is a reusable plastic cover for safe storage. Dishwasher Safe, top rack ONLY. Designed in the U.S.A. The Better Zester takes innovation to a new level. The V-etched Zester blade is made up of over 300 tiny V- shaped teeth and is covered with a non- stick coating. The food- approved coating allows the zester to glide across the surface of all types of citrus, while finely zesting the outer layer of skin. The Better Zester includes a "fresh zest" storage container with squeegee. This accessory gathers the fresh zest as it is grating and the squeegee helps remove the moist zest from the back of the blade. The Better Zester is available at specialty retailers in Stealth Charcoal Gray or Zesty lime Green. Handwash only. Designed in the U.S.A.

Product Reviews

Kate966, Cranbourne North VIC


Fantastic, sleek and sturdy looking product. Both are easy to clean and have a handy catcher for the grated produce, means less mess and you know how much you have already grated! Love it!

Trish, Rutherford NSW


These are the best grater and zester I have ever used. I love the neat little catch area for the grated items so it does not go all over the benchtop and the zester is very comfortable to hold and manage. They don't go blunt after the first use either like some other brands do.

Both are extremely easy to wash and store away, and are highly recommended to everyone.

Dannibella, Para Vista SA


Zesting is so effortless. Great for citrus zest, garlic, ginger & more, the combination of the V-etched teeth and non-stick coating allows the Edgeware Better Zester to skim across the surface of rough citrus smoothly while producing thin wisps of flavourful zest without grating into the bitter pith. The frame of this unique Zester is formed with a slight curve allowing a smoother, steady stroke when zesting. Edgeware has added excellent features like a non-slip tip, and fresh zest storage container with a squeegee for easy zest removal from the blade. Also the V-etched Box Grater by Edgeware is a versatile and multifunctional kitchen tool that offers a lot for little. It is a fantastic grater from that works well in any home or commercial kitchen. The Edgeware Box Grater is really sturdy and will sit easily on any counter-top. It features Edgeware’s patent pending V-shaped etched teeth, for coarse and zester (fine) cutting surfaces. A slicer blade is also included on the side of the grater making the box grater the most versatile of all the Edgeware graters. The Edgeware V-etched box grater features a soft touch handle that is ergonomic and extremely comfortable for extended periods of use and the non-slip base ensures the grater does not move during use. The easy open container bottom allows you to store your grated food within. The clear side of this grater includes measurement markings to assist when cooking. Also included with the box grater is a reusable plastic cover for safe storage. They are fantastic. Thankyou!

Amber, Reedy Creek QLD


The V-etched box grater and the V-etched zester are fantastic household products. The easy grip handle is so comfortable to use and the blades are very sharp making light work of food preparation. These products are of a very high quality (have never found any grater or zester of these quality before). The built-in containers allow for a mess free benchtop – love that! Would happily buy both of these products as gifts for family and friends – would make great housewarming presents.

Zoe119096, Gladstone QLD


I loved the V-etched Box Grater, it is the best grater I have ever used. I love that I can grate cheese in different sizes. I didn't have to worry about slipping & cutting my hand because of the non-slip base. Another reason I loved it so much was less mess, I didn't have to get a bowl to grate the cheese into because of the container bottom. This is the greatest grater on the market I advise everyone to get one!!
The Better Zester is fantastic, again NO MESS I love that. I used the zester a lot (making cakes etc) its a sharp no nonsense zester, with its non slip handle its so easy to use.

I loved using the products, cant imagine life without them now

MelissaO99, Taringa QLD


The Grater box. I love this product! so easy to use, the blade is very sharp and grates the vegetable and cheeses so easy. I really like the box aspect that helps me measure how much I need and then its very easy to open the bottom and use. The variety of grater options are fantastic and perfect for each recipe. Finer cheese makes for a delicious looking pizza. The plastic cover is really great and safe so I know my daughter is safe from cutting herself while getting it out of the cupboard. It was really easy to clean (which is what I have disliked about previous graters). I higher recommend this!

Zester: I baked on the weekend just so I could use this product. It made my life so easy during the process. Once again sharp for easy zesting, i loved the inside measuring and was very easy to clean.

I was very happy with both these products. I tried to give it 5 stars but the website wouldnt let me click on the 5th star.

Rachelle21, Innaloo WA


This grater is incredibly sharp! I got carried away with the swiftness of the grating some cheese, and accidentally took some skin off. The box is a good size and comfortable to grip. I also liked the container bottom feature as it kept all of my gratings together, but unfortunately after a couple of weeks, the small tabs holding the lid in have snapped off. The grater itself is still in excellent condition and we will continue using it.

Mummasass , Boyne Island QLD


I first got to use the V-etched Box Grater. I used it to grate cheese and carrot. I was excited to use it as one of its features was that it had the easy open bottom container and was able to catch all of the gratings but I found that when I was ready to empty the contents the easy open bottom container was not so easy to open, it was very hard to open and when I finally got it open all of my contents were spilled all over the counter as I had to use force to get it open, also what grating didn't spill everywhere were stuck inside the grater as it is quite small on the inside that you can only grate a small amount before it was full. I also used the slicer to slice cucumber and it made that a breeze but again when I was trying to get the contents out it was quite hard. The non stick blade did however make it so easy to grate cheese as the cheese did not stick to the blades and I was able to grate faster. The Zester on the other hand was fantastic, the "fresh zest" storage container held all of my contents and was very easy to open and get it out to use, the squeegee was a great tool to use, it meant that I got all of my zest off and able to use all of it and not have half left on the zester. The non slip handles were great on both products and they both were easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. I would recommend the grater to someone who only does a little bit of grating not someone who needs to do a lot of grating. The zester would benefit everyone who zests, it is a great tool to have in your drawer and has made me use this almost with everything I cook.