14 x Simply Sweet Cookbook by Lucy Wallrock

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About The Product

Do you find baking a scary process? Would you love to impress dinner guests with a sweet dessert after dinner? Want some quick and easy treats you can make in no time at all? Then look no further because Simply Sweet is the baking book for you.
Fresh from the 2013 MasterChef kitchen, British-born Lucy Wallrock, has an innate love for sweets and baking and will always look at the dessert menu first whenever she goes out to dinner. The British cakes she loved as a child along with her sweet tooth have inspired her to create a dessert book that anyone who is scared of baking will find easy to use, with recipes that don’t take hours to make.
You’ll be baking with ease in no time with these simple step- by-step recipes for cakes, brownies, slices, biscuits, puddings, tarts and sweets. With variations on different ‘mother’ recipes, you’ll be able to expand your repertoire of baking just by changing a few ingredients. And with quick shortcuts you wont be spending hours in the kitchen.
In Simply Sweet, Lucy highlights the importance of a dessert, how it can make or break an entire meal and how you will never again be left without a delightful dish that will leave your guests being whole-heartedly satisfied. “You are only as good as the last dish you serve to your guests,” Lucy says – so make it an amazing one!

Product Reviews

Ruby5565, Ellenbrook WA


As a big fan of desserts but a lazy cook I decided to give a couple of recipes a go. After all, those contestants on Masterchef make it look easy and in all fairness who needs a Thermomix that does everything with the flick of a switch!!! So, my first attempt was the bread and butter pudding as it was a childhood favourite. The results were more Can't Cook Won't Cook than Masterchef but I gave myself 8 out of 10 for taste and a 3 for presentation!! I have to admit that my Chantilly cream was sublime, after all you can't create a master piece with a spoon of cream. So, this evening I shall be having a good look through the book to decide what dessert to create for my family on Sunday. Anything will be a surprise for them after years of Viennetta and Sarah Lee apple pies!!!! And, who knows, you may see me on Masterchef yet!!!

Hach, Penshurst NSW


Excellent cookbook...........great for experts or beginners. Fabulous recipes, easy to follow and great variety. Perfect for dinner parties and the like.

Gerard15, Wakerley QLD


The book is well presented with lots of mouth-watering photos. We tried a few of the recipes over the weekend and were really happy with outcome from each recipe. The ingredients used throughout the book aren’t exotic and are easily bought from the local shops which makes cooking anything in the book a lot easier.

Next purchase will be a diet book.

Sara390, Raymond Terrace NSW


What a great refreshing cookbook. Such delicious full flavoured baked goods with really simple easy to follow recipes perfect for everyone from your novice beginner cook to your fully fledged seasoned chef. If you dont already have a copy you should head on out and buy it now

Emma, Nollamara WA


This is a fantastic book for people who are new to baking, don't bake often or like simple, easy to follow recipes.

I don't like cooking recipes with too many ingredients and complicated steps; Simply Sweet is perfect for me. The recipes are easy to follow and not too complicated, and the results fantastic. I made the Chocolate, Pear and Almond tart when friends came round for dinner this week. It was easy to make and turned out perfect.

Simply Sweet also has the staple recipes everyone needs to know; scones, muffins and cookies.

The book is beautifully presented; I love cookbooks with plenty of pictures so I know what it should look like at the end. Most recipes have gorgeous pictures accompanying them.

loonie28, Chipping Norton NSW


Great receipes.

Great ideas. My 13 year old has already wipped up couple of goodies.