14 x DualKut Secateurs

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About The Product

With the new, innovative DualKut secateurs there is no need to carry two pairs of secateurs with you in the garden to cater for different pruning needs – now you can cover all your fine and heavy pruning with just one pair.

With a simple flick of the switch the DualKut offers a unique ability to swap between ratchet cut mode for your heavier pruning of up to 25mm, or single cut mode for your delicate pruning and trimming needs.

As with all 2WP ratchet tools, the power ratchet system of the DualKut reduces the effort required when pruning thicker branches by approximately 300% - making them ideal for those gardeners with arthritis, RSI or limited strength.

The DualKut secateur comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects and has fully replaceable parts.

2WP has been a market leader in innovative, durable and easy to use garden tools for over 15 years, and is the home of well known products including PowerKut secateurs, PowerLopper, EasyLopper and Slurpex.

The RRP of DualKut secateurs is $75 and they can be found at various events and exhibitions Australia wide. They are also available from www.2wp.com.au or by phoning 1300 297 000.

Product Reviews

ian, Cohuna VIC


These secateurs are the best i have ever used.
I have 3 different pairs in my workshop which can go in the recycle bin as the dualkut secateur does everything the dealers claim.I am 72 years old, & the strength in my hands is getting less every year but with daulkut no power is needed to operate them. They are great.
yours truly
Ian Murray

PS. Could you please email me when you recieve this report.

lynndi_lou, Brisbane QLD


Excellent Secateurs, they slice through branches like butter. I have RSI and find I cant do gardening for a long time, especially when trimming my bushes. I And I have to use two hands or stop and give my hands a break, With these Daulkuts,I had no problem finishing the garden in one go. Works well on oth fine branches and thicker ones. It took littl effort and they fit comfortable in the palm of my hand. I high recommend these DualKut secateurs.

zeds_place, Bundall QLD


Excellent!! Took a couple of weekends before getting un-lazy and getting out into the garden. i love the ratchet action. i usually get a really sore had after a while of pruning the more heavier twigs, however the ratchet action made it a breeze - didn't even have to use two hands.

it really does make a difference when you use a high quality, and well thought out, product - the lock works great, the cutting is excellent, and the colour is right as it stands out quite well in the brush and among the other typically green tools.

can't praise the DualKut Secateurs enough - great product.

ruthie babie 1, Bellbird Park QLD


Wow! What a product.Using the Secateurs, the handles had a great grip. I don't have a green thumb but using the secateurs for cutting and pruning are so much easy to do now I actually enjoy being in my garden. Thank you for giving me the opportunity too use this awesome tool. For all you "GREEN THUMBS"out there I recommend getting this product.

Cathy23, Rochedale South QLD


Finally - a product that does what it claims! I've lost count of the number of secateurs I've purchased in the past few years since suffering from RSI. None of them have made pruning so easy and pain free as these DualKut secateurs. The single cut has no impact on my hand at all and the ratchet mode works with minimal strain. The only problem I've had is having to share them with my husband, who also loves using them. I highly recommend these DualKut secateurs.