14 x Dreambaby® Safety Packs

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About The Product

Dreambaby® Heat Alert Anti-Slip Bath Mats have a textured surface for added traction that helps prevent slips and falls in the bathtub and shower stall. An added feature of these bath mats is that they help prevent accidental scalding, as the mats change colour when the water temperature becomes too hot. Ideal bath water temperature is around 37ºC / 98ºF. Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Bath Mats are easy to install and will make a huge difference to the surface of your bath, with their textured surface designed to help prevent accidental slips and falls. Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Translucent Bath Tub Strips are ideal for an older child or adult’s bathroom, as their translucent appearance is more subtle and therefore complementary to your bathrooms decor. Perfect for all bathtubs and most shower stalls where slippery tiles might be hazardous. Another bathroom essential, is the new Dreambaby® Essentials Grooming Kit containing the soft & gentle Dreambaby® Hair Brush, Dreambaby® Comb, Dreambaby® Toothbrush perfect to ensure great oral hygiene for developing teeth, Dreambaby® Nail Clippers, sized and curved for safer trimming of little finger and toe nails, Dreambaby® Emery boards great to gently file any sharp or jagged edges on little nails, Dreambaby® Scissors - With comfortable handles, these scissors have a rounded tip for added safety.


Product Reviews

Antoinette32, Wagga Wagga NSW


The anti slip bath mats are great, my kids just love the different sea creatures, and so safe. The strips are great to, and we just love the ducky thermometer, these products have made bathtime safer and a bit more fun.

Amanda11, Coolaroo VIC


My child enjoyed having a bath with the picture bath mat,the soft spout cover work's well and is good thinking.My child love's the thermometer

Cherieboberry1, Beaumaris VIC


What a great pack! The "no slip" decals are just what I need to make my tub safer!. A thermometer in a rubber duck = excellent idea! It's a great way to ensure that the water is safe enough for my bub. I LOVE it!

Shelly37, St Mary's NSW


firstly thank you so much for choosing me to do this this review i have now tried all products i love the anti slip stick on stickers the kids love them so much not only did it make bath time that little bit safer it makes it fun and good for leaning purposes as well i did not receive the grooming kit however i did receive the the room and bath duck thermometer which is excellence you just pop in the bath and if flashing red for to hot or green for just right. overall i was 100% happy with all the products i receipted and tested and had allot of fun i look forward to helping with other reviews. thanks so much

Leanne177, Gaythorne QLD


The Dreambaby range of products were absolutely amazing. I fell in love with the bath mats that changed colour when the water temperature got too hot - a great indicator and bub loved standing on them!!

I called it the Dreambaby manicure set - was super easy to use and extra gentle for a baby.

Cannot recommend this range enough.

Danielle , Gowanbrae VIC


First of all, a big thankyou to Lifestyle for allowing me to review these Dream products. They were fantastic and a big success. The dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer is great, the cute yellow duck was a big hit, swimming along, it was very accurate and extremely useful in regulating the temperature and putting us at ease. I loved the auto shut off feature also to save battery life. The dreambaby Soft Spout Cover was cute too and kept the little one enthralled with the colourful 'fishies'. Again this product leaves me feeling assured there won't be bumps or bruises near the tap. The Anti-Slip Translucent Bath Tub Strips, Anti-Slip Bath Mats, and the Heat Alert Anti-Slip Bath Mats were once again all very effective so that there wasn't any slipping or tripping in the bathtub and potential dangers were reduced. I particularly like the Heat Alert Anti-Slip Bath Mats how it changed colour when the temperature was too warm or hot. I would encourage all parents to use these products, I believe they are essential when the littlies are bathing. I strongly recommend these products.