14 x Copies of The Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book

About The Product

Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Dr Sue Shepherd has developed the Complete Low-FODMAP Diet to effectively treat the symptoms of IBS, which includes abdominal pain, bloating, distension, excess wind and altered bowel habits.

The diet works on identifying then eliminating or restricting certain kinds of food that cause bowel irritation. In the last decade, the Low-FODMAP Diet has come to be regarded as the most effective treatment for the symptoms of IBS, providing relief in 75 per cent of patients.

Product Reviews

Hollie45, Catherine Hill Bay NSW


This book is fabulous! I love the meal plans and the separation of the elimination phase and reintroduction phase. The recipes are easy to follow and the food is delicious! Would recommend to anyone with any food intolerances!! Also loved the info on reading food labels.

Rebecca2721, Mawson ACT


I find this book to be a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to understanding FODMAPs and applying changes to my diet that will help with discomfort I feel after eating certain foods. I don't have IBS and any symptoms with regards to FODMAPs are generally minor. However, Dr Shepard gives a detailed explanation of the symptoms and definition both of IBS and FODMAPs which have made it easy to understand where I am at. The book has great resources in it to help with the process of identification and elimination. I appreciate the variety of diets including adults to vegans to children. I may not be at the point of completing a 6-8 week elimination plan, however, I will definitely be using it as a reference for my eating habits in the future.

traveltime, Sorrento WA


This is such a great book for suffers of IBS. I have the first copy produce and found this one so much easier to follow. Also, a great range of modern recipes and also details how you can customise based on your intolerance. I would highly recommend if you are following a low fodmap diet.

Chantelle, Maryborough QLD


This cookbook is awesome. I am enjoying a new way of thinking about food and it is all delicious. I can't wait to try the rest.

Michelle1063, Buderim QLD


I have had my head in this book for the last couple of weeks and plan to share or better still recommend it to my many friends who suffer from those troublesome diseases like IBS or Coeliac! This book has everything, the author talks about the different diseases, the problem foods and then there is the wonderful recipes but the best part is how it allows for variation in your diet! Basically eliminate and then reintroduce foods, you can even cheat on occasion and see how you go! Life doesn't get any better than that........now back to my interesting book

Courtney3, BruNSWick West VIC


I LOVE this book. I have Fructose Malabsorption, and there are so many hidden ingredients that I need to be aware of, but Dr Shepherd takes you back to basics, with an easy to understand cook book that now makes my meals enjoyable again.
I have seen a huge improvement in my symptoms almost immediately.

Annette4, Maudsland QLD


What an informative recipe book for anyone who has suffered discomfort after eating, so frustrating to enjoy a meal then that turns to pain boating and feeling uncomfortable. Found this to be full of information with fantastic recipes to enjoy. Also helps to eliminate and discover what may be irritating you, a very interesting read

Paul1017, Norman Gardens QLD


I have to say, that some of the recipes in this book were not only tasty, but easy to cook and great for the digestive system. I have only managed to cook a few of them so far, but all of them turned out great and the whole family enjoyed the meals. I like how the recipes are explained and found the instruction easy to follow. I gave the product five stars and would recommend to anyone who wants to eat gluten free or with IBS.

Dianne, Bunbury WA


This book is perfect for anyone newly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or long term sufferers. It explains the foods to avoid and tells you why you need to avoid them. It sets out a plan to essentially detox the body of foods that aggravate IBS. It then takes you through a program to establish which foods you can and can't tolerate. It has tables for recording your progress along the way. There are meal plans for people with different intolerance's and vegetarians and vegans. It even has a section for kids. The second half of the book is full of delicious recipes. They are not complicated recipes and most come with great pictures. A very informative and helpful book for every IBS sufferer.

Veronica284, Dubbo NSW


Very good quality cover and glossy pages, with lots of easy to follow recipes and illustrations, including breakfast, mains, vegetarian, kids and desserts. A lot of useful information; about the diet, implementing and shopping for the recipes. All easy to follow with a helpful index at the back.

Christine1548, Girrawheen WA


I have been asked to review the "Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book" by Dr Sue Shepherd. It is an easy to read book that includes recipes to assist people that are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The photography is beautiful and the book is informative and well written.

I like the fact that the ingredients can be obtained from supermarkets without a great degree of trouble.

Thank you for giving me the chance to review this book as it makes a lot of sense to me. Like a lot of people, I am sensitive to onions, garlic, wheat (although when tested I did not have Coeliac's Disease) and lactose.

This book makes clever suggestions for how to substitute wheat with gluten-free flours and pasta. It also has suggestions for changing the gluten-free recipes so that people that do not have issues with gluten can substitute wheat flour for rice flour if that is in the original recipe.

I cannot wait to try all the recipes. I have already started to stock up on items for my pantry.

Karen2847, Gracemere QLD


A most informative and easy to use book. The best information on IBS and food intolerances that I have read after looking for literature on IBS & lactose intolerance for years.