14 x Ambi Pur Care Packs

About The Product

To help you clear the air in your home, go in the running to win an Ambi Pur care pack!

The polls are in and its official - house hold odour is driving Aussies scents-less! New national research commissioned by Ambi Pur has revealed that odours are a source of conflict in 78% of Australian homes, with breaking wind, smelly garbage and bathroom smells being the most disagreeable odours of them all.  The research uncovered many interesting facts including that 95% of those surveyed admitted to being bothered by bad smells in the home. Further to this 39% said they find smells very uncomfortable and 11% were found to be so badly affected that it makes them angry. 

To help you clear the air in your home, Ambi Pur  is offering 14 lucky LifeStylers the chance to win:

Each Ambi Pur care pack includes:

  • 2 x Febreze  - $5.45 each               
  • 1 x Ambi Pur Electrical Plug In - $5.45 each                                                     
  • 1 x Ambi Pur Car Mini - $5.99 each                                                                     
  • 4 x Ambi Pur Set and Refresh - $5.99 each                                         

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Product Reviews

girlyjames, Green Point NSW


With two dogs and one cat living in my house I was always worried about doggy smells. I sprayed Febreze on my lounge and cushions and my house smells so Good. I can thoroughly recommend Ambi pur producs

Daphne, Laidley QLD


I have really enjoyed trying the Ambi Pur products, they could not have come at a better time. We have had so much rain and the humidity has been intense, the beautiful smells that are filling my home have chased away the damp smell that tends to linger after the storms. I am most impressed with the Febreeze extra strength, there is not much that can chase away the smell of a dogs bed in the Queensland humidity but I must say this absolutely did the job.

Rebecca1000, Craigie WA


I am so happy with the Ambi Pur range of products and recommend them to anyone, it eliminates pet odours and the kids! My house and car smell fresher and cleaner than ever just in time for summer! Well done Ambi Pur and thank you