14 x $50 iTune Cards to virtually Paint Your Place

About The Product

At some time or another, most of us will be considering repainting a property. Now everyone can take advantage of virtual painting with over 30,000 global brand name paint colours on their uploaded or captured photos with the Paint My Place App!  Not only is this App fun to use, but it is also a must have on-the-go professional tool for painters, architects, builders, interior designers and of course, real estate agents in selling that unsightly property.

Key Features

  • Capture a photo or upload an image
  • Select from over 30,000 real brand name paint colours with the option of applying an undercoat
  • Enhance your exterior with roof and fence finishes
  • Save and email your friends /clients, painter or yourself with the re-painted property and the selected paint colours
  • Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest
  • Receive free updates including additional paint brands and paint colours

Win one of 14 x $50 iTunes Gift Cards enabling your friends and you to download the Paint My Place App for free. RRP $2.99. www.paintmyplace.mobi/

Product Reviews

Kim291, Ormeau SA


This App is great! I recently painted a wall and after doing so realised it was the wrong colour. Went over it with another colour, however because the one underneath was darker the colour came out wrong again. I've since had to paint over it white and start all over again. This App would have taken all the stress, hassle and money wasting out of the equation and I would have got the colour I wanted first time. Large range of colours to choose from and it even has an "Instructions" section if you are unsure what to do. I would highly recommend this to any DIY person who is looking at undertaking a repaint of any part of their house. Great for working out a colour on a feature wall!!

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


I had a great time and ended up with so many excellent ideas