13 x Summer Sailor Rashoodz Baby Swimsuits

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About The Product

Does your baby or toddler keep taking their hat off? Sunburn will be a thing of the past with this striking red and blue Summer Sailor Rashoodz swimsuit and attachable hat. The hat is attached to the swimsuit with clips at the nape of the neck. This amazing design will hinder your child from being able to easily take the hat off. It also keeps their little necks, face and ears UPF50+ protected from the sun. Rashoodz hats can be worn in the ocean or pool and under the water without the worry of losing it. If you need to take the hat off, simply undo the clips and it comes free. Not only does Rashoodz Swimwear have this attachable hat it also has nappy clips. Nappy clips at the crotch of the swimsuit turns those nightmare inevitable nappy changes into an easy job. This stand out Rashoodz baby and toddler swimsuit and hat set are Australian owned and designed. They are fantastic quality, sun safe and adorable looking. Rashoodz is designed by Mums for parents and grandparents like you. Nothing could be better. Available to purchase online at www.rashoodz.com.au

Product Reviews

Doo Doo, Werrington NSW


What a fantastic concept and execution of the product. My little girl just loved this complete outfit. She wanted to put it on straight away and never took the hat off at all, which is not like her. She is 2 and a half and it must have been very comfortable as she didn't want to take it off at all. The suit was excellent both in the water and out of. I like that you can remove the hat easily if needed and attach when required. A generous sizing also, which allows room for swim pants under it. Rashoodz wins me over all the way. I would highly recommend the versatility and design. As my daughter has a skin condition, this is just what is required for her to enjoy the sun for longer than usual. Thank you very much.

Mad Maria, Yennora NSW


This swimsuit ia amazing I gave it to my little granddaugther.The suit is so soft easy to put onto and take off the little one.the hat stayed on her I will recomend to all my friends. thank you for the chance to try it.
Regards Maria

Rosie75, Kangy Angy NSW


I was really happy with this product. It is obvious that it is of the highest quality. The material is thick and comfortable. The UPF50+ is a really reassuring feature. The zipper is big and easy for children to do up themselves. Nappy clips are great and the clips which attach the hat to is so, so, so cute but also very effective in keeping the hat on! I can't fault it.

mchong, Balwyn North VIC


Stylish, safe and effective, the RSummer Sailor Rashoodz baby swimsuits ensures my Toddler was UV protected as well as still looking great. It's the 1st time, he has not come out of the water burnt on the face due to the amazing attached hat. Loved the nappy clips. A must for all sun-loving families with young kids.

J05, Diamond Creek VIC


The Rashoodz swimsuit is a great idea and works beautifully - that hat wasn't going anywhere!
It is well made, with the fabric being good quality.
I only wish that this was available in a swimsuit with full length legs and arms, as that is what I look for when purchasing a swimsuit for very young children.

Katrina57488, Wattle Glen VIC


What a gorgeous little beach outfit that not only looks good, but protects as well. It is comfortable for the littlies and well made.

Being 50+ Sun Protection, I dont need to worry about our harsh sun harming his skin.

Thank you for letting me review this product.