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About The Product

Siberian Red – Nature’s Superpower.

Experience what Russian research and natural live conifers can make!

Introducing Siberian Red® - a pure red elixir, extracted to the highest of standards to support health and wellbeing with its broad antioxidant and nutritional properties.

Siberian Red is 100% natural. Like how nuts and seeds come from trees and nature, so does Siberian Red. As an extract taken gently from live Siberian Fir trees, it is in fact a sustainable food source and is the highest standard form of liquid antioxidant we have available.

Health and immunity are constantly challenged by today’s stressful lifestyle. ‘Free radicals’ can cause oxidative damage to our cells thus affecting their aging, compromising health and causing fatigue. Siberian Red aids in the protection of cell health so promotes better wellbeing and is favoured by athletes aspiring to obtain a sporting edge.

Take up to 3ml of Siberian Red mixed in water or juice daily and experience its pure, powerful energy, harnessed directly from nature.

Visit facebook.com/siberianred or www.siberianred.com for more information.

Siberian Red is available in major chemists and pharmacies Australia-wide; 100ml $74.95, 50ml $39.95.

Product Reviews

Jackie2, Cannon Hill QLD


This product was extremely easy to take in my morning juice. I did notice over a few days, I felt more energetic and less stressed which everyone can benefit from..