13 x Paul Hollywood’s 'Pies and Puds' cookbooks

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Paul Hollywood puts his signature twist on the traditional classics, with easy-to-follow, foolproof and tantalising recipes for meat and potato pie, pork, apple and cider pie, lamb kidney and rosemary suet pudding, sausage plait and luxury fish pie. He will show you how to create inventive dishes such as chicken and chorizo empanadas, chilli beef cornbread pies and savoury choux buns. If that isn’t enough, here you will find his recipe for the Queen of puddings, as well as spiced plum pizza, chocolate volcanoes and apple and Wensleydale pie. There are also regional recipes like Yorkshire curd tart and the Bedfordshire clanger, and a step-by-step guide to all the classic dough’s from rich shortcrust to choux pastry.
Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds is simply a must-have. Whether you’re a sweet or a savoury person, a keen novice or an expert baker: it’s time to get baking pies and puds.
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Product Reviews

Nadia, Maianbar NSW


I have just received this book and wow, its so easy to use and follow. He has inspirationally created recipes that are uniquely different and special. I love it.

katie&Jon, Evandale TAS


I give Paul Holywood's, Pies and Puds 5 stars, the book is clear with easy to follow recipes. I made two recipes from the book within the first week of it arriving. The Cheese, Potato & onion pie has become a firm favourite in our house. The pastry technique section is very clear and I have made my best ever Puff Pastry following Paul's technique. The mix of vegetarian and meat dishes is good, and the mix of sweet and savory even better. I like the way there are step by step photos for the more tricky recipes. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone.

Kylie644, Bundaberg QLD


This inspirationally iconic masterpiece captivated our hearts as we were taken on a picturesque journey filled with contemporary culinary innovation. A fascinating selection of culturally diverse recipes that showcase deliciously delectable delightfulness, family-friendly healthiness and artistically expressive character now enrich everyday dining and exquisite entertaining. The 'Pies and Puds' cookbook was wonderfully informative with step by step instructions and beautiful illustrative features; a true treasure to pass down for many generations to come.

Deborah258, Keilor VIC


First of all l would like to say thank you for selecting me. The book is great my husband is enjoying it as much as l am. What l like about it is the presentation, the instructions are very clear and having the pictures to follow are also a good idea so you then know what it is suppose to look like. Its not over the top with the selection of recipes and the majority of them are easy to follow. I would definately reccomend this book to family and friends.Thanks again

TRISH35, Yagoona West NSW


Great recipes - both sweet and savoury. Photos of step-by-step process makes it easy for younger less-experienced cooks to have success!

Clare320, Kilkenny SA


We are loving Paul's book.
Pastry instructions are detailed and easy to follow with great results.

Our new favourite tea cake is the lavender and lemon cake. Simple but so yummy.

helleva, Capalaba QLD


Really love this recipe book, the instructions are so easy to follow with pictures which will definitely help those that are not experts in baking. There are some delicious recipes and a lot of new ones to delight the taste buds.

Amanda378, Caboolture South QLD


Loving this cook book! I have been watching the Pies and Puds series on the Food Channel and was delighted to receive his book in the mail. I have so far cooked the Chicken and Chorizo Empanadas and the Strawberry Mousse cake. Both were delicious. My strawberry mousse didn't set as well as I thought it would as it was difficult to gauge how much Australian jelly crystals to use compared to the English solid jelly cubes used in the recipe. If I can get my hands on some suet, my next mission is to make either a sweet or savoury pudding. So many choices! This book has also rekindled memories of both my Grandma and Mum's food that was prepared with love many years ago. Thank you Paul Hollywood.......traditional English cooking has returned to my home!
Amanda Ryan

Shane, The Entrance North NSW


Absolutely brilliant. I look at Pies and pastry in a whole new light. Never really looked at Paul Hollywood as a dessert person, but there are sensational recipies in this book.

Grishma, Hillarys WA


Having avidly watched Paul Hollywood's series on the television, I was excited to get my hands on this book. The recipes are easy to follow and provide useful tips on baking ware and ingredients, as well as basic recipes for pastries which is ideal for novice bakers. I made the hazelnut meringue roulade which was delicious. However, my only qualm with this book is that he did not include the variations on his traditional recipes from his series (ie. queen of puddings with marbled meringue, arctic roll with kulfi etc) which I find to be detrimental seeing as he dedicated a lot of the program to exploring new producers. It would have been great to have a side note with the variation on the recipe.

All in all, a great book for both the experienced and novice baker.

Deidre14, Deebing Heights QLD


Good looking book, think we will struggle to get some of the ingredients though.