13 x Lifelong Online Self Development Courses

About The Product

When people think about the world of "self-help", they often think about a big personality with a big smile, in a big room in front of a big audience, each willing to pay a big price tag.

But the truth is, happiness exists in the small things we do.

Taking small steps to make small changes – and using small words to explain them.

At Lifelong, we believe that happiness is a skill. A skill that anyone can learn, and that everyone should have access to.

Lifelong Online is a six week course designed to support small changes that will help you think and act a little differently. Each audio class features the latest practices in the field of happiness and success - shared in a simple and applicable way. You’ll also find a carefully designed worksheet with each class, ensuring what you learn sticks and becomes a part of your everyday.

If you want to feel something different, you need to do something different. Lifelong Online is here to support that change.

Start small and download our free introduction at www.growlifelong.com

Product Reviews

Lara68, Taigum QLD


A good concept that would be really helpful for those who don't have time or don't want to go to the extreme of seeing a counsellor or psychologist. Audio is great to be able to replay what really hits home for you.