13 x ISLA Throat Lozenge Packs

About The Product

A new treatment from Germany has now been launched which soothes a dry tickly cough – and rather than suppressing the cough, it works fast on the source of the problem and acts as a much-needed balm.

The new lozenge, ISLA contains the herbal ingredient Cetraria Islandica (Icelandic Moss) which has been used for centuries in treating upper respiratory conditions. Produced by the makers of the number one herbal cough medicine worldwide, Prospan, ISLA’s effectiveness has also been proven in adults and children.

ISLA is also a convenient ‘on-the-go’  treatment for people who are susceptible to dry, irritated airways – including office workers or travellers  in air-conditioned environments,  residents in polluted urban areas or dusty environments, active outdoor-types and patients who use medications such as anti-histamines or decongestants.

By sucking a delicious blackcurrant flavoured ISLA lozenge, a protective, moist coating is produced in the mouth and pharynx providing much needed relief to a dry cough or tickly throat. It works as a demulcent or a balm and quickly relieves and soothes the throat and vocal cords from further irritants.

Product Reviews

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


Great product! Flavour is really good. Almost taste like a normal lolly.

Trisha3, Tumbi Umbi NSW


These arrived in perfect time as I had a sore throat & the beginnings of a cold.
They're great tasting & gave almost immediate relief. Found that they really helped with my sore throat without giving that funny numb feeling I've had with other lozenges. I highly recommend this product & I will always have a box in my medicine box ready for action! A+

Hiannie, New Beith QLD


The Isla Throat Lozenge has a lovely blackcurrant flavour to it. I used it when I had an irritating tickle in the back of my throat and it helped get rid of it. I definitely recommend this product to everyone, its in a convenient package and is an effective product.

Susan , Glen Waverley VIC


After having 7 lozenges, my dry throat felt noticeably better, not as dry or hurt as much (which I did from singing too much in one succession)! The flavour of blackcurrant is superb, and the soft lozenges rather than the hard lozenges which often cuts my tongue at the end, is GREAT! This is soft and non-sticky, flavour is not overpowering and it works.


Vera70, Bowden SA


I was very pleasantly suprised with this product (isla blackcurrant dry cough lozenges)
I am a chronic allergy sufferer and think I have tried nearly every anti histamine around
I noticed an instant relief of my scratchy throat with a very subtle fruity flavour not at all chemical tasting like many others tried ,also were great with my childrens sore throats as they are gentle tasting
I have passed on these to friends also with allergy issues and had positive feedback
will definately continue using isla blackcurrant dry cough lozenges

Katrina65247, Mermaid Beach QLD


Great flavour, quickly manages tickles and irritations, not too sweet and best of all does not taste like your usual throat lozenge . Overall great product

Angiebabie, Mill Park VIC


Isla did a good job to relieve a dry cough and tickly throat and it worked almost immediately and the effect lasted for some time. There was little taste to the Isla but personally I would prefer more of a flavour. I think they are a little overpriced at $19.90 but would be worthwhile trying if you get that annoying or embarrassing tickle in the throat. I was happy with the outcome when used on a couple of occasions.