13 x Groove Child Spaghetti Wraps

About The Product

Want your newborn baby snuggled, safe and asleep?  Give them the perfect transition from the womb into the World with the “Spaghetti Wrap”.

Imagine a swaddle for your newborn that not only helps your baby sleep longer but also makes life easier for the parents?!

The Spaghetti Wraps unique design does exactly that.  With the baby’s hips/legs unwrapped parents have unrestricted access to the nappy for nighttime nappy changes …when you definitely don’t want to wake them!   With unrestricted legs sleeping babies can be safely harnessed in a pram and easily moved to the cot.  

Babies with reflux are able to kick around helping them with wind expulsion and this design feature also makes this the safe choice for babies with hip dysplasia.  Made from luxurious bamboo it prevents overheating in warmer climates minimising skin irritation and excessive sweating. When the temperatures drop, simply team with a sleeping bag or a quilt.  

With so much versatility in one design, this is the must have product for every new parent seeking sound sleep from their little one.  Perfect for all climates, and so easy to use, this simple and practical swaddle will ensure your baby sleeps longer.

Product Reviews

Mrs Noskie, Emerald QLD


Lovely and soft, and amazing idea!

Mary532, Regents Park NSW


The Groove Child Spaghetti Wrap is very easy to use and soft to touch. It is also easy to clean and quick to dry.

Thank you for choosing me to test it and I highly recommend this product!

LA, Moonee Ponds VIC


The Spaghetti Wrap is amazing so soft and easy to use it washed and dried well,
we started to use it on my grandson at the age of two weeks when we got it,
he sleeps great in the wrap, thanks for a great product.
This would make a good gift for a baby shower.

SJH, Yaroomba QLD


Beautiful fabric, easy to clean, keeps the baby snug without making them too hot will be especially great during the warmer months when I can literally swaddle my baby in a nappy and just the Spaghetti Wrap, without the risk of overheating that swaddling can attract. Unlike the more traditional wraps, with the Spaghetti Wrap, only the upper body is swaddled, leaving the legs free for movement and mobility. Another bonus is as the legs are free you also have easy access to the nappy area, so you can actually change the nappy whilst the baby is still asleep!

Lisa, Park Holme SA


An excellent product that has made life so much easier. As a parent of a new-born, it has been a welcome addition to my collection of wraps and due to its ease, is my preferred method of wrapping my baby. It makes changing my baby easier without having to unwrap them (especially at night) and the fact that my baby can still be free to move his arms legs is a great design feature. Definitely recommending this product to my friends :)

Mary532, Regents Park NSW


The material is very soft so it is comfortable for my baby. I have washed it few time now and it didn’t shrink. I find the wrap very easy to use and very happy with the product. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Talei3, Plumpton NSW


This item is practical, easy to fit into any bag or the bottom of a pram. It ensures body temperature is regulated and doesn't restrict the baby’s leg movement. The soft bamboo material is friendly on the skin and even after a wash in the washing machine and dry in the drier, it's held its colour, stretch and length.

I would highly recommend the Groove Child Spaghetti Wrap as it is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and allows for an easy nappy change, even whilst baby is asleep.

Thank you!

Hiannie, New Beith QLD


The Spaghetti Wrap is a lovely product that it is made with a soft, light and stretchy fabric. It is super easy to use and I recommend it to any new parents. The Wrap also came with a dummy holder that you place on your door, which comes in handy!

Shirley2468, Cherrybrook NSW


The Spaghetti Wrap is made from a soft yet strong fabric. My babe was already 5 months when I started using it, but she's a bit small for her age, so the wrap fit comfortably and securely around her.

I also liked that the fabric breathed not like other wraps I have which are made from synthetic materials.

The wrap came in a package of 2.