13 x Fusion Yoga and Pilates for Pregnancy

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About The Product

Fusion Yoga and Pilates for Pregnancy is a deck of 40 postcard sized cards presenting specifically selected poses and movements to help mothers prepare for labour, birth and motherhood. These poses and movement will not only help alleviate the discomfort associated with pregnancy; such as lower back pain, sciatica and leg cramps; but will also help mothers prepare for labour by teaching calming breathing techniques and how to strengthen pelvic muscles. Best of all, Fusion Yoga and Pilates for Pregnancy, is gentle enough to practice well into the final trimester, and will help mothers form a deeper connection with their baby too.

Designed by mother and founder Georgie Wilczek, she has travelled and lived in various countries around the world including England, France, Spain and the USA, studying and teaching Yoga and Pilates. Having studied, taught and experienced many Yoga and Pilates teaching styles, Georgie created Fusion Yoga and Pilates for Pregnancy, by combining the best elements of what she learnt and experienced through the years.

The flexibility is being able to design and focus on your own specific areas, develop your own individual program, as well as the ability to take your program with you anywhere, anytime and anyplace.


Product Reviews

madison27, Port Germein SA


this was very helpful and it helped me so much as my back has been so sore and i think other people should try this

Allison, Cranbourne VIC


I am 7 weeks pregnant and working long hours. I often get sore shoulders and ankles. I love Fusion Yoga and Pilate cards because just a few of the positions can relax my shoulders and ease up my ankle pain. I have been doing a few postures every morning and night and already can feel the benefit. I enjoy having the freedom to pick and choose what I do and not having to 'fast forward' or 'flip pages'. This has made pilates and yoga accessible and enjoyable again.

Kathy1982, Macquarie Hills NSW


Easy to follow, easy to do but still pushing me.
Great product.

kerry68411, Como WA


Sorry I have only just received this prize. Georgie Clark from Fusion Wellness gave me a choice and sent me Yoga and Pilates for Office Workers which will be beneficial for the whole family. The deck is very informative and easy to understand. I am keen to adapt the information for daily use.