13 x Copies of Going Paleo Cookbooks by Pete Evans

About The Product

The definitive guide on how to go paleo and become the healthiest version of yourself, from chef, television personality and health advocate, Pete Evans.

This user-friendly guide contains over 80 delicious, quick and highly nourishing recipes; a run-down on the foods that have to go and what to replace them with; a detailed guide to setting up your paleo kitchen; and a 10-week kickstart eating plan.

Going Paleo is the only book you'll need to transform the way you eat - and change the way you look and feel - for good.

Product Reviews

nicole m, Dapto NSW


thankyou for the chance to review such a great book weve tried a few recipes from the paleo diet and were most impressed how great they tasted so healthy and yummy .

Lydia26, Greenwood WA


I really loved this book. It is the perfect companion for those looking at making major changes to your diet and following a cleaner eating plan. From the very beginning of the book it helps ease the readers mines and clears all misconceptions. It also provides really simple ways that you can make changes to your current diet and meals.
I found the 5-week Kickstart program really helpfully and very easy to adapt to my current daily diet.
While the Paleo diet might be quite different to the everyday typical diet, Pete Evans has really made the reader understand the importance of whole foods and what are body digests best. I have cooked a variety of meals from this book so far and have found them all really easy to follow, not over the top and complicated, and mostly using ingredients that are readily available at your local shopping centre or health food shop.
My personal favourite recipes from the book are: Roasted vegetables with mojo aioli, and Pete's twist on the Shepherd's pie (I can't get enough of his innovative uses for cauliflower!).
Highly recommended book, even for those not looking to change to the Paleo diet full time, but for some innovative ideas in the kitchen! Love it.

Paul, East Launceston TAS


Going Paleo, can be a wake up call. It will make you question your overall food and lifestyle choices.
Based around the Paleo diet, Pete Evans gives us insights on why he chose this path. He has also included sections on lifestyle, pantry makeover's, a comprehensive 5-week kick start program and 80+recipe's.
Whether you want a great new recipe idea of a complete diet and lifestyle makeover, this book is for you.

Christina97, Penshurst NSW


Love this book!! Wonderful healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner!! Easy exotic ingredients that can make you a Masterchef in the kitchen! My husband was so impressed it included a recipe using Plantain, a crop widely used from where he's from. Looking forward to cooking more recipes and also love the eating plan, puts you in right direction of starting to eat healthy!

Tony, Cannington WA


To be honest, I did not know too much about Paleo prior to obtaining this book but was pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of great recipes and simple creations.

Not only is the book filled with recipes and weekly diet plans, it answers many questions in regards to healthy living, Paleo, organic or not, processed foods vs fresh, choices for bread, pasta and so much more.

I enjoyed mostly the recipes to create sauces from scratch and use of fresh produce throughout.

I will most certainly have many uses of this book for years to come and really like it. It may not suit everyone (and not all recipes suit me), but I give it the overall thumbs up.