13 x Copies of 'American Hustle' on DVD

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About The Product

Hailed by critics, loved by audiences, lauded with 3 Golden Globes wins, 3 BAFTA wins and 10 Oscar® nominations, American Hustle pits a superb ensemble cast against each other for the ultimate high stakes racket...Christian Bale is the scheming yet loveable con artist with a comb-over. Jennifer Lawrence is his shrewd, vindictive wife with a killer putdown. Bradley Cooper is the slick, ambitious and fast-talking FBI agent. Amy Adams is the whip-smart former stripper with a plunging neckline. Jeremy Renner is the corrupt mayor with mob connections. American Hustle out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital April 16.

Product Reviews

Deb, Dover Gardens SA


The movie has a fantastic cast that play some interesting characters. The story line was great and there were a few twists and turns that I didn't expect and some moments that really made me laugh. The music was awesome and I will be purchasing the soundtrack CD. Christian Bale was really hard to recognise as Irving and Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic and played the trashy blonde really well. It was an entertaining movie and the sets and clothes were right for the era, especially the gaudy wallpaper in Irving and Rosalyn's bedroom!

Natalie522, Hillarys WA


An amazing cast of characters, brash, funny, all on the look out for the better life. The plot drifts a bit here and there, but the quality of the actors draws you back in
FBI Agents, scam artists, mobsters, and a corrupt government... all the ingredients of a great movies, and well who doesn't love the clothes?!