12 x White Magic Microfibre Spin Mops

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About The Product

The White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop is a revolution in mopping technology. The Spin Mop has won awards around the world for its innovative solution to the age all issue: How do I get my mop dry and not leave water streaks all over the floor?

The Spin Mop Bucket has a patented spinning mechanism that rotates at over 2600 revolutions per minute, this dries and cleans the mop head within seconds. No more Bending. Wringing or Pressing your mop, simply insert into the spinner and press with your foot.

The Spin Mop Handle pivots 180 degrees so you can mop under areas as low as 6cms and also rotates 360 Degrees so you can mop into any shape of corner or around fixed furniture.

The Spin Mop Microfibre Heads clean all hard floors with only water. The White Mcirofibre head is for wet mopping, it can absorb up to 7 times it weight in liquid and is machine washable up to 100 times. The Purple Dusting head is for dry mopping of any hard floor to pick up loose particles like dog hair and dust, also 100 times machine washable. Finally the Green Microfinger head is for cleaning around the house and outdoors such as windows, cars, boats and caravans.


Product Reviews

jojo20, Clayfield QLD


This mop makes cleaning the floor easier and quicker with no streaks... and that little bit more entertaining with the use of the spinner. I would definitely recommend this Spin Mop!

Melissa , Gwandalan NSW


This product is great. I have tiles and a floating floor it's perfect for the floor boards, the soft microfibre head cleans the floors without leaving streakis and it polishes them leaving them clean and shiny. The spinning action in the mop bucket drys the mop enough to clean the floors without leaving them too wet. I have been looking for a long time now to find a mop for my floating floor boards and havent been able to find until now. It leaves my tiles clean and fresh without using chemicals and it drys so quickly. Being a working mum, I think this product works well in my lifestyle. Having a toddler and trying to clean can be a juggle. But it's easier now with this spin mop as the floors dry vey quickly and also being chemical free is great or the enviroment and my family. I highly recommend this product.

Steven134004, Oatlands NSW


I love this mop.The flat head means I can reach underneath cupboards and fridges.The extension handle and selection of heads makes mopping a breeze.Clean,fast,chemical free cleaning makes this mop a real winner.Spins dry ,no dirty wet marks left on furniture.A real pleasure to use.Would recommend this mop to everyone.5 stars.

Katie, Pelican Waters QLD


Brilliant product! When I first started assembling it I was a bit concerned because it was so lightweight - and lets face it, mops have to withstand a fair bit. When I started using it, it was easy to use, the bucket made it easy to squeeze out excess water from the mop head - no more leaning over! It also cleaned well and I can remove the mop head when it's dirty and wash it!
You can also adjust the length of the handle and when you need to put it away it all breaks up and can be stored under the sink.
I cannot rate this product any higher - it absolutely ticks every box a mop can tick :-)

Donna210279, Mortdale NSW


I found this easy to use and loved the fact that the mop could be "wrung" out so easily. Our whole house is floor boards and other mops tend to retain too much water and the floors take a long time to dry. The swivel handle made it very easy to gain access under furniture without moving it.I was able to clean the floors without the addition of chemicals to the water. Overall I am not disappointed.