12 x Persé Skincare Sets

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About The Product

Launched in 2005, Persé has created organic & 100% natural skin care products that not only smell & feel amazing but actually work!

Containing Australian Certified Organic, Biodynamic & 100% Natural ingredients, we have produced the safest and most beneficial skin care available.

Tailored to suit your skin type, Pers´é skin care is rich in vitamins A, C & E. We have selected active ingredients such as Rosehip, Aloe Vera & Pomegranate for their high antioxidant, anti inflammatory & regenerative properties to assist with any skin condition.

Proudly, Australian Made, without harmful ingredients, not tested on animals, Persé offers you a range of unique products for your skin, hair, baby & children of all ages, which will give you the results you expect.

Experience the benefits for yourself!

Persé Organic Face Scrub, containing a fine walnut shell, lavender & rose geranium pure essential oils, will help remove dead skin cells & leave your skin feeling balanced, smooth & refreshed.

Specially formulated with unbleached beeswax, organic jojoba, cocoa butter, calendula, vitamin E, rose geranium & chamomile pure essential oils, Persé Calendula Organic Lip Balm will assist to sooth & repair the condition of your lips.

Indulge your senses with Persé!

Product Reviews

madison27, Port Germein SA


i love this as it make my skin feel 100 times better then it did before thanks lifestyle

K114725, E.ballina NSW


First up I love the fact that Perse is Australian Made and feel confident that I'm doing the best for my skin knowing that Perse uses 100% natural products & that it is certified organic.

The Perse Organic Face Scrub comes in an attractive glass jar with labelling that fits the Perse brand perfectly. It would make a lovely gift.

The scent of the paste is subtle and quite nostalgic, & the slightly grainy texture exactly what you'd expect of a scrub.

It was easy to use, not harsh at all, and washed off easily leaving my skin smooth. I didn't find it in any way drying or too abrasive. I have used it every 3 days, & my skin feels brighter & looks less blotchy than what it did before. Even though it says it can be used daily I find that every 3 days is enough, I have sensitive skin so don't tend to overdo any treatment.

The Calendula Lip Balm is in a handy wind-up stick for easy use. I use it often & am glad to know it's organic, mainly because I use it so much. I'm intending to take it with me on an upcoming beach holiday & really put it to the test in the constant sun & wind, although my son who has an outdoor job, has asked if he can have it, especially as he suffers from cracked lips.... the formula of calendula & vitamin E would no doubt greatly benefit him.

I find it slightly oily but not unpleasantly so, & like that it has a neutral taste & smell.

Overall I loved the products and would recommend them to friends & family.

Pamela60, Kyogle NSW


I absolutely love the Perse Organic Facial Scrub. The moment you take the lid off, you are enveloped in beautiful lavender and rose geranium aromas. It is not overpowering, but delicate and refreshing. The texture of the facial scrub is surprisingly smooth, even though it contains fine walnut shells, which are very delicate but invigorating on your skin. The Organic Facial Scrub is lucious, delicious and leaves your skin feeling fresh, alive and clean.

The Perse Calendula Organic Lip Balm is beautiful and smooth. The beeswax gives it a lovely delicate texture and I have noticed that it leaves my lips moist and smooth, but without the heavy feeling other lip balms can give you.

I am more than happy to recommend the Perse range of organic skincare products to anyone. They are beautiful, organic, no nasty chemicals and leaves your skin looking and feeling clean, fresh and beautiful