12 x Lifestream Essential Greens Packs

About The Product

Lifestream Essential Greens+ is the latest addition to the Lifestream supergreens range, expertly formulated to deliver real nutrition in real amounts.  Containing a balanced combination of supergreens, rice and pea protein, fruit, fibre and antioxidants, Lifestream Essential Greens+ supports nutrition, energy and vitality.  It blends perfectly with water so there are no grainy bits, and provides a naturally sweetened flavour.  Essential Greens+ includes no synthetically derived vitamins, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, for a formula that’s completely natural.  Wholefoods are the best source of nutrition and Lifestream Essential Greens+ delivers over 40 wholefoods to support vitality, energy, immunity, digestion and wellbeing.  The essential ingredients include Supergreens Spirulina, Wheatgrass, and Barley Grass with nutrient dense Alfalfa, Spinach and Broccoli.  These greens are then complimented by immune boosting herbs, vegetarian proteins, liver and circulation herbs, antioxidants and stress support and a balanced blend of digestive support nutrients.  If you’re interested in trying superfoods with an easy way to increase your daily greens then this great tasting formula is perfect

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten free, with no artificial additives, fillers, preservatives, colours or flavours.  Naturally sweetened with stevia and natural banana it can mixed simply with water or added to a smoothie to further increase the nutrients.

It’s now easy to go green with Lifestream Essential Greens+ - pure, nutritious, natural.


Product Reviews

ROWENA71, Cranbourne VIC


The essential greens was great I liked the taste and feel better after taking it!!
It cleared my body out which is a good thing (not so great at the time) and made me feel lighter and fresher!!
I would recommend it for people looking for a healthy glow!!

Amilia, Brooklyn Park SA


Lifestreem Essential Greens + is perfect when mixed with cold water and drunk first thing in the morning. It smells fresh, has a tangy taste and leaves a pleasant aftertaste on the palate. It has a solid dark tropical green colour and is refreshing. Basically is a non alcoholic cocktail of essentials nutrients we need to support our body through the day.
I found drinking a glass in the morning gave me energy that lasted all day. Unlike other products it is not milky and as such would appeal to those who are lactose intolerant or who don't like milk products.
Many thanks for the opportunity to try this product. I have found it in the Chemist Warehouse and now know where to buy it in the future.
Kind regards
Amilia Zecevic
South Australia

Fay54, Beenleigh QLD


Thank you for providing me with the opportunity of Trying and Rating the product called Essential Greens+. I first tried it with fruit juice and it mixed well but I found the taste was not too my liking, whether it was the juice I used and the combination of both the product and it I don't know but I found it quite sour to the taste.

I then used the Essential Greens in water and found it tasted quite good using that medium. Although the instructions on the container said to use 2 teaspoons of water in 200ml of liquid I only ever used 1 teaspoon and found it quite adequate for my needs.

Essential Greens+ tastes really good in cold water too and I enjoyed using it, the colour off course is green but don't let that put you off trying it. I also found that I felt more energy the day after using it as well and would recommend it to those who feel tired and run down as it is a good pick me up. Off course it is a supplement and should be taken as such and combined with a good food intake should help with giving an energy lift.