12 x Cases of Nexba Watermelon Real Ice Tea

About The Product

Nexba is the natural, Australian, better-for-you beverage brand!

Packed with the fresh and quenching sweetness of real watermelon flavours, Nexba® Watermelon Real Ice Tea is natural and only 73 calories per can.

The addition of natural stevia leaf extract means it’s low sugar, with a juicy watermelon punch. Cheers to that!

Product Reviews

TREVSTA, Charlestown NSW


This is quite a unique taste indeed! I absolutely love it and will be drinking it from now on..CHEERS!!

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


The entire family loves it! Very refreshing, light and easy to drink with any meal or any time of the day.

Jeff181, Gulliver QLD


Myself and my three grandsons aged5,7 and 11 all tried this refreshing drink and we all gave it the thumbs up. I have diabetes so was happily surprised that I could have this because of the low sugar content and the boys are not allowed to drink soft drink because of all of the additives and high sugar content. We all loved the flavour and found the can to be just the right size. What I would like to know and could not find on the contents listed is if it is caffeine free this is of particular concern with any drink the grandkids have as one has a kidney problem and can never have cola drinks or coffee. Overall an excellent and refreshing drink and will definitely be buying it. I give it A high recommendation

merinap, Netherby SA


I enjoyed this flavoured iced tea because it was not overly sweet and the watermelon flavour was not overstated. The addition of healthy green tea was a good balance to the overall taste.

Graeme, Kuluin QLD


This is delicious. After exercise it quenches your thirst. Watermelon flavours come through nice and strong and I don't know why I haven't tried it before. Guests (invitation only of course) who have sampled it agree with my review. Thanks for opportunity to sample.

Debra115, Hackham West SA


I did enjoy Watermelon Real Ice Tea and would buy it in the future, more so it would be very refreshing in the warmer weather, recommend it.

Lara77, Bellbowrie QLD


The drink was nice but couldn't taste watermelon, it was more of a honey dew flavour.
Also a bit disappointed in the lack of actual green tea that was in the drink.
I will say, I do love the fact that its is a non fizzy drink that comes in a convenient size, that I was able to just pop it in my bag and off I went. We enjoyed it chilled or room temp and I even mixed it with smoothies and my protein shakes.