12 x Articfit Pro-active Tights

About The Product

Articfit pro-active tights are designed by an Australian female physiotherapist to provide targeted compression support to the commonly injured joints of the female lower body.

The name articfit comes from the Latin word for joint, articular, and through seamless knitting technology combined with their unique stitch patterns they create specific and identifiable compression zones around the joints of the lower back, hips and knees.

Articfit pro-active tights qualify as a class 1 registered therapeutic device (compression garment) by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and are designed for any women wanting to feel confident and supported while exercising.

Maximise your body’s brilliance.

Product Reviews

Cassie13, South Coogee NSW


These tights are so different to any gym gear I've worn before. Wearing them feels like you have been strapped by a physio—you're supported and ready to go. I'm a very active young person with sciatica, so exercise can be difficult because lower back pain is scary and hard to manage, but these tights actually make you feel secure. The compression waistband is super tight so you feel tucked in.. but the material is so flexible that you don't feel restricted in your movements. They also come beautifully packaged with a wash bag and detailed care instructions. Highly highly recommend for all women—even if you don't have any joint/back pain, they're comfy and stretchy and prevent injury. I won't be going back to lulu anytime soon...

Bella1127, Mt Druitt NSW


I love these tights! Not only was delivery quick, these tights are so comfortable and are very sweat resistant, which is perfect for long workouts. I don't only wear them for working out, but they are that comfortable that I wear them when I am cleaning the house or running errands. The tights were true to fit, I received a large and it fit perfectly. I've worn and washed these a fair few times and the colour has not faded and they still retain their shape, which is great. Would definitely recommend!

Alisha137, Sydney NSW


My Articfit pro-active tights were beautifully delivered, wrapped in a box with magnetic close, crisp paper and purple string to fasten. A white wash bag was neatly folded alongside the tights to ensure protection through every wash.

The tights deliver support throughout the legs, knees were supported by effective moisture wicking fabric and knee creases (a first for any pair of tights I have ever owned!). The lower back support is a highlight, there is a palpable improvement in my posture while walking and working out.

After washing, the tights retained their shape and the same level of compression, often something missing from mainstream active wear. In short, Articfit is Brilliant!

Rachel1562, Gorokan NSW


I wore the Articfit tights for yoga and sessions on an elliptical cross trainer. I was taken back at how tight they were and the fact I still had a full range of motion. I loved the thick waist band compared to the thin ones on my normal exercise tights. I have hip problems after years of horse riding and three kids and found they helped with the pain that I normally feel when I exercise. I don’t really want to take them off when I’ve finish exercising I know it’s psychological but they make me feel thinner. I love them.

Sandra, Ivanhoe VIC


The product came by parcel post and was small enough to be left in my letterbox which was convenient, as I was not home at the time of delivery.

On opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see the product box wrapped in brown paper with string around it. My name handwritten on the outside envelope was a really nice touch. The whole experience of receiving the product was great.

When I first saw the product I was a little concerned that they wouldn't fit, however, the stretch is great! And the sizing is definitely Australian standard.

The tights are really comfortable to wear. At the time of my first use I had a sore knee, I felt that they certainly gave the joint extra support while I exercised. They gave me a little extra confidence that my body could withstand what I was putting it through.

Loved that a washing bag was included with the product - which has washed up extremely well.

Overall very impressed with this product.

Josie70, Largs North SA


These feel really nice when worn, and offer support in all the right places. My only small criticism is that for me these were a little high in the waist and rolled over slightly. I did not notice this though while I was exercising, only later. And I would much rather them be too high than too low. Thank you for the opportunity to try Articfit.

Cheyne Kelly, Tarneit VIC


Very comfortable and slimming too.
Just make sure you wash them first, as there a little itchy when you first wear them.
Otherwise they are great for workouts or just general wearing.

Siu-Yin, Cherrybrook NSW


I was excited to try the Articfit pants when they arrived, as I play sports regularly and was wondering how these pants would give me added support.
First impressions: the pants came in a nice packaging wrapped in a stylish black box with a purple ribbon. Inside, there were instructions on how to put them on plus how to care for them in the wash. Also, there was a small netting laundry bag....suggesting they are delicate if washed in the washer?
We were in the middle of a very long hot summer, so I found it quite difficult to put the pants on....feeling very hot and bothered while struggling to stretch them over my not-so-skinny legs. Eventually, I did get the pants on with the knitted patches sitting over the correct areas, after a bit of adjusting.
If I pulled the pants too high, the top would row over my tummy. If they sat too low, I would get that dreaded 'muffin top' effect. I found that I still had to adjust the top of the pants throughout playing my sport to get that streamlined look.
Whilst playing badminton, the pants did give me the feeling of support around my knees and thighs. I felt I was able to run a little bit faster and recover a little better at the end of each game. At no time did I feel extra hot with the pants on compared to the sports skirt I would normally wear.
However, later in the day, I was more tired than usual. I think I stretched myself a bit too much. Thinking that I was supported.
The washing instructions printed inside the pants were already peeling off at the end of day one. Washing was easy and I just line-dried them in my laundry room.
I think I would buy these pants for doing sports or excerise. But beware of over-doing it as they gave you a false sense of 'I can do more!'

Catherine186, Fairlight NSW


I've tried a number of different graduated compression tights over time for training. I was initially skeptical of the benefits of compression clothing, but I've become a believer. My review of the Articfit pro-active tights is that they are a worthwhile investment. Personally, I found wearing them while exercising reduced my leg pain afterwards, and they are extremely comfortable.

I have also found that wearing the Articfit pro-active tights makes a significant difference to my recovery. I didn't ache so much after exercising hard, and I think they even reduced my recovery time.

Overall a thumbs up form me. They're fiddly to get on, being so tight, but certainly work!