About The Product

Bring the light and fun into your child’s room, study, sports room or man-cave with the 3D LIGHT FX DECO LIGHT. Whether you are looking for the perfect birthday gift or are starting your Christmas list, the Deco Light is every parent’s dream! Not only does it provide light for children who have outgrown a traditional night light, it’s also an entertaining and practical way to decorate a room. 

Available in a range of true stand out styles:

Marvel Avengers series including Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s Hammer and The Incredible Hulk’s fists.

3D sports and classic cars

Larger than life sport motifs


All designs are cordless, battery operated and fitted with the highest quality energy-efficient LED lights so you’ll never have to change the bulb. The lights are cool to touch, making them completely safe to have around children. Easy to install with the unique crash sticker and fixtures included.

3DLightFX DECO LIGHTS available from selected stores across Australia from November 2013. Stocked in EB Games, TARGET, Big W, DICK SMITH, Haris Scarf and Mr Toys for enquiries call 1300 366 320. For more information please visit our website: www.3dlightfx.com.au


Product Reviews

Juliet1974, Bridgeman Downs QLD


My family absolutely loves the 3D DECO LIGHT. The Iron Man face looks so amazing coming out of the wall in my sons bedroom, we had to go out and buy a 3D DECO LIGHT for my other son. He chose the Hulk fist. Both are delighted. The glow of the light is a comfort to them at night - whilst being really cool! Other night lights are babyish to a 7 and 9 year old boy, but this is just right!

Installation was easy and the light attached to our walls with no problems - usually this kind of thing causes headaches. The fact that we didn't need to worry about power cords was really important and meant that it is not only safer but we could locate it where we wanted to. By the way, the installation video was really helpful

I would recommend this product to anyone with kids. It really looks fabulous on their bedroom walls!

Nadia46, Glenfield NSW


Wonderful item, Have the Iron Man 3 Mask one looks fantastic on the wall during the day, It is very easy to install and provides a very soft ambient night light in room. Its a big hit with my nephew and niece as they want one now. Very happy with it, will be recommending it to all family and friends.

Rechelle10, Redland Bay QLD


I was absolutely thrilled to be picked to Rate the 3dlightfx, as I was looking to purchase one.
I chose and received the butterfly and what a magical addition it has made to my daughters bedroom. I made sure I placed it in a very strategic and out of the way place in case of accidental bumps, due to the 3d effect of the branch and have found with the added addition of the sticker decoration, it goes anywhere you safely want to place it. The sticker also gives the branch a much more realistic feel. I have placed mine on the side of my daughters book case, that just so happens to already be decorated with stick on butterflies and am thrilled with the realistic result.
That it uses batteries instead of electricity is also vey appealing, due to the rising cost of power.
I was also very pleased to see the light is fixed with screws verses adhesive, as not only is it able to be moved at any time, it is also so much more secure. Also the fact that it is cordless, just adds to the appeal. There is nothing worse than wires hanging or needing to be hidden.
It fits perfectly with her theme, and I now no longer need to use a night lamp at all. The beautiful pink glow the butterfly gives off, creates a soft yet beautiful ambience in her bedroom. My daughter was and is absolutely fascinated with the magical glow it gives off at night, and I find myself staying there feeling very relaxed, enjoying the effect, it gives off.
Thank you so much Lifestyle You and 3dlightfx, for allowing me to" try and rate" this product. I would highly recommend and encourage people to take a look at this product, as any child would be happy with this addition to their room, along with the amazing range of products available. Something to suit both the boys and the girls, although, I look forward to seeing a more varied girls range in the future.