11 x Veet Suprem’Essence Packs

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About The Product

Treat yourself this summer with the new Suprem’Essence range from Australia’s leading hair removal expert, Veet. Enriched with luxurious essential oils and a velvet rose fragrance, the new Suprem’Essence range will leave the skin moisturised, touchably smooth and beautiful. This is your chance to win and review a Veet essentials pack valued at over $44!

Each product in the Suprem’Essence range contains a new formula with moisturising ingredients allowing you to pamper your skin during hair removal. Considering summer conditions are already harsh on the skin, it is particularly important to ensure you are still moisturising the skin, whilst having the sexy and soft results that make you feel confident in donning that summer skirt or bikini. Known for their aromatic qualities, the essential oils within a new velvet rose fragrance further enhance the experience. Avoid unpleasant smells associated with other hair removal products, and leave your legs delicately scented with Veet Suprem’Essence .

Product Reviews

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


i really like all of them they smelled very pleasant and worked extremely well. i think they are a must have for summer because it is quick and easy to use and leave you hair free :)

sapphire27, Frenchville QLD


I love the new Veet products. I am 60 and have dark hair and have been shaving and waxing for years. I found the creams brilliant because they are easy and quick and leave my skin soft. I have sensitive skin and often have a reaction when using hair removal products but these were gentle and left my skin feeling smooth.

The wax strips are simple to use and very effective so I am very pleased with the new Veet products and will continue to use them