11 x KissKiss HugHug's Breastfeeding Covers

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About The Product

Feel confident breastfeeding in public with KissKiss HugHug's enormously popular breastfeeding covers. Made popular by its unique stiff neckline and stylish designs, mums can enjoy privacy and the benefit of seeing their baby breastfeed – all at the same time. It’s never been so easy (or private) to breastfeed whenever and wherever you want www.kisskisshughug.com.au

• Special neckline made of rigid boning to allow both mother and baby to see one another whilst feeding

• Encourages breastfeeding so that mums can feed anywhere, anytime, without feeling anxious

• Gives mum the assurance of having her tummy covered

• Folds neatly and easily into any bag for mums on the go

• Lightweight breathable cotton fabric

• Blocks out distractions so that baby can concentrate on breastfeeding

• Reversible designs to mix and match with different outfits

• Silky satin neck tie to hold the cover in place and keep hands free

• Adjustable length

• Slips easily over any outfit creating an affordable alternative to breastfeeding tops

• Perfect for travelling on planes and in foreign countries

• Can be used as a change mat, instant canopy for your stroller, car seat or basinet

• Matching Bibs and Feeding Pillows available

Product Reviews

Jo_mac, South Penrith NSW


I was so excited to recieve this product, and Im happy to say that the breastfeeding cover lived up to my expectations. I found the cover to be stylish enough to go anywhere with and it can be folded up to no bigger than a wallet size so was no hassel to pack even into a small handbag. I felt confident that I had full privacy under the cover throughout all stages of the feeding process (attaching, feeding and detatching my baby). Whilst the fabric was lightweight and comfortable I found that feeding on a really hot day, unless in airconditioning, my baby got quite hot and sweaty underneath the cover. I love the little extra neck boning which allowed me not only to see my baby feeding but i was able to see what I was doing, with privacy, when attaching her to feed. A great product that I would recommend and is now a staple in my nappy bag.