11 x Glamourflage Winter Survival Packs

About The Product

We all know that the cooler weather can wreak havoc on our skin. Artificial heat and dipping temperatures can leave our face feeling dry, dull and distressed.

Australian-made skin and cosmetics brand, Glamourflage Australia, has come to the rescue by developing a range of quality and natural skincare products designed to hydrate the face and restore summery luster all year round.

Feminine, luxurious and affordable, the Glamourflage winter survival kit is real climate-control for your skin. Containing the popular Ravishing Ruby Foaming Cleanser, Tiara Tracey Facial Toner and Luscious Lucy Face Cream, the 3-step facial care system is designed to nourish and protect the skin from harsh environmental factors.

For added protection, the oil-free Amazon Ann Sunscreen provides a 30+ SPF barrier from the sun’s damaging UV rays, while the delicious Daisy Delight Lip Balm and Sultry Sophie Lip/Cheek Stain moisturises lips and enhances natural colour and beauty.

To further compliment the retro-inspired range, the Enchanting Ella Eye Cream and Satin Sally Sleep Mask provide an effective evening treatment to help tone the skin, reduce puffiness and provide a healthy glow.

Available nationally online and at all David Jones department stores, Glamourflage is serious fun, serious skincare! To learn more, please visit www.glamourflage.com.au or find ‘Glamourflage Australia’ on Facebook!

Product Reviews

Rebecca2547, Patterson Lakes VIC


I just love these product. I have very sensitive skin and I get an alergic reaction to most face skin creams.
These are so smooth and light on the skin. I have had no reaction at all. My face has evened out and is not dry and patchy after only a very short time using the product.
The face was pump is very spoapy so you only require 1 pump to was your face it does not dry out your face either. The toner is light and not greasy. Really noticed a big difference after a few days of use. Love the fragrance they are not overpowering at all. The packaging is very clever and smart. Really makes the product look high end.
Final- love this product and will continue to use it on a daily basis. ??????????

Victoria479, Raceview QLD


First of all, the packaging is super cute and all the scented products smell wonderful. My skin feels super soft and I love the overnight face mask. These are awesome products

Dannii5, Helensvale QLD


Iv been using the products for around 2 weeks now and im so in love.
i love the look of the products siting on my bathroom bench, all the products smell amazing the Daisy Delight Lip Balm has the most amazing smell every time i put it on i want to eat it.
Iv been using the Cleanser, toner and face cream every day and night my dry skin is gone completely and every time i touch my face its smooth.

My favorite product is the Satin Sally Sleep Mask, put it on go to sleep rinse it off in the morning and have beautiful soft skin, Iv given my mother ( 51 years old) some to try after 3 days she calls me to say that she thinks its tightened her skin and the wrinkles around her eyes are not as noticeable.

For the past 2 years i have used a MAC Blush, after trying the Lip and Cheek Stain the MAC Blush is going in the bin, The colour is just perfect so easy to apply and lasts all day.

Hands down this is one of the best skin care products iv tried and its so reasonably priced.
I will definitely be purchasing these products from now on and so will my mother.

xx Dannii

Kelly230, Thornleigh NSW


Beautiful skincare range, perfect for the dry winter months. My skin is full of moisture and looking radiant after several weeks of using the cleanser, toner, mask and face cream. Not only is this a beautiful skincare range to use, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous making it a lovely gift for a friend or a nice treat for yourself. The lip balm was delicious, however I found the lip stain difficult to apply as it was very runny. Overall, a fantastic product range.

Angela1261, Kippa-ring QLD


I love these products. So creamy and smell amazing!! I will be buying more for sure!

Moiz, Eastlakes NSW


The parcel of Glamourflage products arrived neatly packaged in one small sized boxed. A handy thing to take note of for any future orders, given that postage cost etc. is generally based on the size of the unit being sent. The company had managed to get 10 items in that one box, most of them items that I'd happily order myself or suggest to friends.

The Break-down:
1x 10ml eye gel
1 x 10ml eye cream
1x 8.5ml Lip/Cheek stain
1x 20ml Lip Balm
1x 70ml Foaming Cleanser
1x 135ml Facial Toner
1x 40ml Sunscreen SPF 30+
1x 260ml Sleep Mask
1x 120ml Face cream
1x 120ml Face Mask

Glamourflage Packaging/Presentation:

All but one of these products brought a smile to my face, we'll touch on that a little later.
The imagery chosen for and types of materials used to house the beauty products definitely packed a whimsical old time punch. These will be items that people, including myself, choose to display more predominately in their bathrooms/guest-rooms or areas of beauty routines. They will not stand for being tucked away out of sight and I believe that it would be such a waste if they were!

I loved the luxurious extra special touch of the valour tabs on the boxes that housed the eye cream, eye gel and lip stain and decided to keep the items inside them and remove each time for use. An odd decision for someone who is rather time poor but it added a level of satisfaction to my daily beauty routine that I wasn't willing to sacrifice.
Though I can see the appeal and authenticity of using the tins to house the face cream, face mask and lip balm I did strike an odd odour upon opening the face cream and face mask. Something akin to stale air and or dust? I struggled to move past that for further use of the product. So although I absolutely adore the look and feel and tin I think I'd much prefer to have items such as bath salts or talc powder in them.

So all but one of the units drew positive comments regarding their appearance and that one unit was poor old Satin Sally, the sleep mask box and bottle. There was something rather unfortunate with the nature of her eyes that made it unnerving to catch sight of on the shelf. The angle or set of her eyes or the fact that they just seemed out of proportion to the rest of her feature's, not sure. But I have to admit Satin Sally was relegated to the back of the shelf so that no one had to deal with that encounter.

Using the products and the results:

All products that needed instructions had them and were more than simple enough to follow.
ie. The face mask with exactly the amount you should apply, the time frame to leave it on and how to remove.

Starting with the foaming cleanser, one of my favourites scent wise. Applied easily enough and though it took a little bit of rinsing to remove my face was not left feeling stripped back afterward. Clean, nicely scented but most importantly for me not stripped. The con for me with this product was the relatively small quantity that the bottle holds. Since this comes out in a foam and the nozzles takes a bit of a squeeze to dispense you generally end up with more in your palm than what you need to use. Would get through this product much quicker than others of the same nature, which would mean I'd have to purchase it more. It would be something I'd have to weigh up cost wise to actual skin benefits from this one cleaner of another from another brand.

Facial toner: This is the beginning of a theme I found throughout the course of using these products in the same manner that I would use another's brand of cleaning products. That being the change or variety of scents. Since I always follow up with toning after cleansing I tend to use those two products from one company as there is no big contrasting change of scent. Not the case with the Glamourflage range. Though not unpleasant my senses did feel a little overwhelmed with the mixture of scents involved at the end of the completed routine. The toner did not lift residual dirt/make-up/oil left on my skin after the cleanser as easily or quickly as other brands I have used. I also found that I was left with a slightly tacky feel on on skin after it instead of the normal bare-face freshness. Probably would skip using this one again but not for any serious reasons other than that just given.

Face cream and Face mask:
Despite the fragrance being mentioned as Fressia on the face cream, which is a all time favourite flower of mine, I found the product fell short on delivering it. Could be the fact that I just couldn't smell both of these products without an overwhelming smell of stale air/dust etc. The feel of both of these products was rich and luxurious though unfortunately for my skin type they felt to heavy and mine skin did get a few spots during the course of using them. Now that could be attributed to many other things of course but I would much rather be using a cream that, although may go on with a heavy feel, absorbs quickly enough that it on leaves my skin feeling like it lightly coated. Not for me but I am sure those who need or love a heavy cream that they will adore this.

Eye Cream and Eye gel:
Both great products and look to have them feature as a regular in my day to day routine. Though no visible difference in the fine lines around my eyes my skin did not react badly with either of these. Definitely had a fresher look to the skin around my eyes and it just felt pleasant to apply both of these. Eye gel was light quickly absorbed with almost no scent. Eye cream was rich quickly absorbed with a subtle scent that reminded me of one of my mothers products from when I was a child. Can see this becoming a popular item if it is not one already.

Nice non overwhelming scent. Went on light and felt great on my skin. No cons with this product other than the fact of me preferring to have slightly more on hand with me. But that's just due to the fact of the amount of time I spend outdoors.

Lip balm and Lip/Cheek stain:

Strong cherry fragrance without that leaving a bad taste in your mouth effect. Went on smoothly and kept my lips nicely moisturised for a decent period of time. Normal reapplications necessary after eating, drinking etc. Will be more than happy to carry this around with me daily. The Lip/Cheek stain had that normal texture of a lip gloss not a colour I'd generally go for and for that reason alone would recommend it for a lighter complexion.

Sleep Mask:

Texturally this was fine but the scent of citrus was just to strong for me and I was unable to leave it on for the period of time required. So am unable to say what the end results would be for this one. Also felt a slight stinging/tingling feeling while it was on, maybe that is what the product is mean't to do? But not a product for me.

Overall there are products in here that I have and will recommend to family and friends. Even if some are just for the aesthetic's of them.

Lee30, Oakden SA


This product was great, leaving my skin clean with less dullness, and a more even tone. I especially liked the Satin Sally sleep mask, your skin felt soft and hydrated after washing off in the morning, I work in air conditioning and my skin felt hydrated through my busy day. I was impressed with the SPF 30+ factor sun screen as our sun is so harsh, I would continue to use this product. The product was value for money as you did not require a lot of product to achieve good results.