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About The Product

Finding time to create fresh, healthy and interesting meals in today's fast-paced world is a challenging task. It is with this in mind that yumm dressings were born - to make mealtimes and entertaining easy, healthy and deliciously gourmet.  The brand's multi-award winning products come in 6 unique and delicious varieties with each and every bottle containing ingredients that are all natural and many fresh from Australian producer's and farmer's markets. With the goal to feed the busy individual with utmost convenience, this is a fuss-free solution that is healthy and tasty all at the same time, free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colouring.

Product Reviews

Melissa1142, Raymond Terrace NSW


I can only rate two out of three of these dressings as one did smash in the post.
The balsamic dressing is delicious and light it is also gluten free which I loved becuase im always looking for ways to eat healthier as summer has hit I have had a salad on the table every evening for dinner these dressing have been a great compliment to these salads I will definitely buy them and keep a regular stock I highly recommend people to buy something new they are well worth trying and you wont be disappointed at all.
5 star rating!

amc20, Alfred Cove WA


Yumm is the perfect name for these dressings. They are very versatile - my favourite is the Thai Zing. I love the fact that the ingredients are all natural and AUSTRALIAN sourced & made.

Jan114, Regents Park QLD


My family and I have tried all three Yumm dressings, and have thoroughly enjoyed them all.
As expected different members of my family each had their favourites. But in all they enjoyed all of them. The 'very origional' went down a treat. It complimented all salads and was enjoyed by the whole family including children. I am a vegetarian and have tried the very original on all matter of steamed vegetables, the dressing soaked into the hot vegetables and was delicious.
The 'Thai Zing' was a favourite of my husbands as he is an avid meat eater, but not too keen on a lot of salad. But once I dressed the salad with 'Thai Zing' there was never anything left on his plate. He especially enjoyed the slight taste of chilli in the sauce.
The 'Balsamic Drizzle' was a favourite with the whole family. We put it on almost everything, and I was always asked for more. My family especially enjoyed steak or chops marinated with the 'Balsalmic Drizzle'.
After trying and enjoying your wonderful products, my family and I would definitely buy and use 'Yumm Dressings'. Thank you for the opportunity to try and rate your product.
Jan Forkings.

Kelly, Bundaberg East QLD


Delicious additions to any entertainers fridge!
We made some beautiful salads using the Yumm's dressings that turned an ordinary salad into something spectacular.
Our favourite was the Very Original which contained fresh ingredients that tantalised the taste buds and transformed our salads! The kids enjoyed it as well. Perfect for the warmer weather where there are many BBQ's, Yumm's will set our salads apart!

Susan, Metung VIC


I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to review these products. I found them very fresh, tasty and full of flavour. They enhanced the salads that I used them on and my family and friends commented o these and wanted to know what I had used.

I would certainly buy them in the future and I am not a salad dressing lover these have changed my mind.

Tazamina, Balcatta WA


These dressings are DIVINE!
I used the Thai Zing to marinade chicken which added an extra dimension of flavour.
The balsamic works great on fresh salad and on roast vegies.
The original dressing is also great on salad, even better in a continental roll.
I don't use dressings alot - but I will definitely be buying these again!

Rohan, Hawthorn East VIC


This is an interesting product, with it'sm3 different flavours.

Although we could have used these only as dressing, we also used them as a marinade (Thai Zing), salad dressing (Very Original) & also as a dipping sauce (Balsamic Drizzle) for warm bread.

Each of the 3 bottles have their own unique flavour, which comes through when used in different kinds of food.

We have also served this food to friends and they loved the same. We would be happy to recommend this product to others.

The other advantage with these dressings (2 out of 3 bottles) is that they do not need to be refrigerated & hence can easily taken with you on picnics, outings etc. without the need for an eski!