10 x Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods Hampers

About The Product

Add some exciting flavour to your dinner with Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods mouth-watering, sauces and salad dressings.

Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods combines local, fresh and quality produce across its wide range of products, including jams and preserves, mayos and infused olive oils.
Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods have put together a wonderful hamper featuring three of the most popular salad splash flavours, Balsamic, Honey & Mustard ad Roasted Capsicum, which all come with a mini whisk to  combine all the wonderful flavours to help turn your next salad from bland to brilliant.

With 10 packs available to win, each hamper is valued at RRP $58.00 (individual salad dressing RRP $15.99). For more information and the full range of Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods visit www.yarravalleygourmetfoods.com.au.
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Product Reviews

Allison108, Coldstream VIC


I just received my hamper before dinner, perfect timing as I was able to drizzle some honey mustard dressing over my salad. Delicious, can't believe I live in the Yarra Valley and have never tasted this before. Can't wait to try the other two flavours.

Deanna98, Sydney NSW


My favourite is defnitely the honey mustard! Really good blend of ingredients. I'm not the biggest fan of raosted capscium but it was fresh and tastey. Balsamic was well.. like a decent balsamic dressing. Love that there are no preservatives or added sugar in them.

dandka, Sandringham VIC


Firstly, A+ for presentation. The hamper was beautifully put together with three lovely dressing bottles each with a cute mini whisk attached nestled in a straw bed and tied up with brown ribbon. It would be difficult not to be thrilled to receive a Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods hamper as a gift!
The salad dressings (creatively named "salad splash") are fantastic. We are loving all three with a narrow preference for the honey and mustard one. It's so nice to be able to read the ingredients on the label and find Australian EVOO and other things you would put in a dressing made at home without also finding the artificial flavours and preservatives usually present in commercially produced foods. Great to have some suggestions for use on the label as well.
Thankyou so much for giving me the opportunity to review these quality, delicious dressings. Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods are such dedicated and innovative food producers and have won a fan in me. I'll be searching out other beautiful foods from their range especially with gift giving in mind as Christmas draws near.

Sarah1058, Glendale NSW


These salad dressings were all so delicious, my favourite being the Honey & Mustard. Bursting with flavour, you can tell they are made with only the highest quality ingredients. What a fabulous way to jazz up a simple salad, especially when you are entertaining and you want to impress your guests.

Bree83, Rockingham WA


Yarra Valley make some delicious salad dressings! They are well balanced, not too tart as some can be. They are properly emulsified, so you don't get any uneven flavours. And they are basically just some smooth fantastic flavours.

The pack contains a good combination, the standard balsamic which is rich in flavour. Also for those that prefer a sweet dressing there is the honey mustard, which is not usually in my tastes, but this one is quite nice, not too sweet. Then there is my favourite, the roasted capsicum, which has a robust flavour that you can't go past.

A highly recommended range of salad dressings!

Linda953, Maryborough VIC


The hardest problem with the hamper was trying to decide which flavour was best, they were all delicious and gave my salads the wow feature. I think if I had to choose the balsamic would have a slight edge with the wonderful sweet/sour flavour bursting on your taste buds, I will definitely be purchasing more of these Salad splash products

K114725, E.ballina NSW


I loved the packaging of the Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods salad dressing pack, it has an ideal look for a gift that would be appealing to all foodies. The bottles themselves look stylish but I found them a little difficult to handle when shaking the sauce out as some of the sauce thickened on top even after shaking.

The flavour of the sauces are lovely. The Balsamic is a mild but perfect on a light salad, the Honey & Mustard added a wonderful depth to both salad and chicken but my favourite was the Roasted Capsicum which I used on salads, mixed in with pasta and basted on grilled chicken. The size of bottle is practical; not too large or too small.

I found these sauces to be tasty and versatile without being overpowering. I think they'd be a great idea for a gift both because of their versatility and their stylish packaging.