10 x Vitality Brands Packs

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About The Product

Vitality Brands is a reputed wellness products company, committed to providing quality, better-for-you options for an increasingly busy consumer. On-the-go snacks like their Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate, and High Protein Mini Bars are the delicious way to enjoy a healthier treat without the fuss, and importantly, without the added calories.

Vitality Brands also offers a range of natural skin care products that leave skin healthy and vibrant. The derma e Natural Body Care range is enriched with the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants our skin craves for natural health and beauty – inside and out.

derma e Vitamin E Moisturising Crème and Oil harness the goodness of Vitamin E to deeply nourish the skin, while also minimising the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. Skin appears clearer and more radiant.

Of course, good skin starts with a great sunscreen and Cancer Council is trusted to provide quality sun protection. Its Day Wear SPF30+ Face Sunscreen with Aloe Vera is a light feel, facial moisturising sunscreen, enriched with aloe vera for added nourishment. The 2-in1 formula imparts the highest UVA/UVB protection available and can be worn under make up, or on its own for a natural look.

Product Reviews

Tara155, Hampton Park VIC


As something with very sensitive, irritable skin as well as eczema, I was not expecting a whole lot from Derma E Vitamin E Moisturising Crème as I already used prescribed products on my skin.

Boy was I wrong, after just 2 weeks there has been a noticeable change, my eczema has calmed down despite the fact that this product does not mention it treats the condition. I should be applying this twice a day but I'll admit I just do it in the morning but my skin still feels much smoother.

My boyfriend complimented me on my scent one morning and asked if I were wearing a new perfume but nope, the scent of Derma E Vitamin E Moisturising Crème is intoxicating, without doubt the best smelling moisturiser I've had, I will definitely be buying this product again, I looked up the prices and they are very competitive.

Deborah111, Agnes Water QLD


My thoughts of the product loved it.
I have bought some more and would refer onto friends and enjoyed the no sugar and also healthy to eat.
Mint enjoyed it and the dark chocolate.
The hand cream also enjoying that as i do a lot of gardening and after doing all that my hands are nice and smooth.
The face cream very good have gone out and bought more.

Helen, Darnum VIC


Vitality Brands offers a range of healthy products and I was lucky to get a variety pack to try.

The Well Naturally chocolate bars in a variety of flavours (creamy milk, fruit & nut, cherry delight and mint crisp) were delicious and being sugar free still tasted sweet and rich but were low in calories.
The Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars were both filling and very tasty, my favourite was banana fudge followed closely by peppermint surprise and double choc!

Derma e Vitamin E Moisturising Creme was a thick cream that absorbed really well into my dry hands, it had a pleasant scent and was very moisturising.

The Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen (SPF 30+) was lovely and light, non-greasy and quite moisturising. I applied this prior to wearing makeup and it did not interfere with normal makeup wear.

Overall, I am very satisified with Vitality Brands and I highly recommend having a look at their products. Thank you.

Sibel_sweets, Newington NSW


I can't believe these vitality bars can be this great for you and taste this fantastic. They make a delicious and satisfying snack when you want to curve your hunger between meals, and don't leave you feeling guilty afterwards. Not only are they perfect to have in your handbag, but all the flavours are great, and at less than 100 calories you can't go wrong!

Also, whilst my insides were feeling great, the Vitamin E creme left my skin feeling amazing, and the sunscreen was light and fantastic in the warmer weather.

Angela Manning, Roseville NSW


Wow, what a great selection of goodies in this pack. I was the most interested to see if the chocolate bars were really low kilojoule, and at under 300 kj per standard bar, they were compared to other standard brands. However the sugar taste was obviously altered to achieve this, and you have to like the carob-type taste of this type of chocolate and the sweetness similar to low-kj sugars.
The Moisurising cream is lovely to use.