10 x Twist’n Pin Hair Accessory Sets

About The Product

Imagine a hair accessory smaller than a lipstick that you can use anytime, anywhere to create an amazing hairstyle in seconds.

Get creative with fabulous hair styles by twisting your hair into the desired style such as a perfect ballet bun, undone/messy bun, twisted side pony knot or soft chignon style.   Simply twist pin in clockwise to securely hold for a great style that lasts all day.  Then untwist to remove without any damage to the hair with our smooth easy glide coating, no snagging or tangling with our double dipped tips and rounded top that aids in better hold and ease of handling.

The unique flexible high yield coils move smoothly and easily through all hair types including very thick, straight or curly hair which have the hold of 20 bobby pins.

The Twist’n pin is the most versatile hair accessory you can have in you beauty kit.   The Twist’n pin is amazing for everyday styles and for DIY formal styles.  Ballet and Physical Culture….no problem.  No more “ouch” from bobby pins and the Twist’n pin will be your next BFF when travelling.

Product Reviews

Debra64312, Engadine NSW


Excellent product, worth the money! Very easy to use. I have three daughters all with very long hair. These clips coped with the waist length, thick hair of eldest to the shorter and finer hair of youngest. They are presently sporting lots of new up dos! Thank god because I cant even do a plat well.

Jade409, Macquarie Fields NSW


It took me a while to figure out how it works but once I did I found this product quick and easy to use. I definitely recommend it.

Jemma93, Ashfield NSW


I LOVE these pins! I haven't been able to wear my hair in a bun for such a long time as bobby pins and other clips always give me headaches. I can't even feel these Twist 'n Pins in my hair at all! I have a triple-bun in my hair now with them and it's more comfortable than even a loose ponytail.

I have very fine, very soft hair that slips out of up-do's so easily that I never bother with them but these guys hold my hair up really well. I'm pretty amazed that everything is staying in place so well.

They're super easy to use; before looking at the instructions I'd easily figured out how to use them - you just twist them in and out like a screw. The online instructions did give me some more style ideas though. There are so many other ways you could use them that aren't shown on the website and a discussion board with the ability for customers to upload pictures and instructions of new styles they've made using these pins would be a cool way to get more styling ideas.

The gold ones are especially good in my blonde hair. I'd recommend those with dark hair to use the dark ones and those with blonde hair use the gold ones. That's pretty self-evident though.

My only criticism would be that they use a lot of packaging if people usually buy more than two. I like the little organza bags that come with them but you can fit quite a lot in them. Maybe an option in the future to buy packs of say 4 would be less wasteful? As my only criticism it's a very small one.

Oh and I wish I could upload a picture of my hair with Twist 'n Pins in it with this review.

Thanks so much!

lenny21, Kedron QLD


Thanks for this wonderful product even with my wild and woolly hair the pins kept the style in place, I did have to use quite a few as I have thick hair. They were easy to use and although I thought it was going to be a tug of war to remove the pins they easily rotated out with causing any tangles and pain. I would absolutely tell my friends about "Twist n Pin". Great product

Amanda1765, Moonta Bay SA


The twist'n pins is excellent. Love using them and they hold my hair together with ease and no pain. Even my little girl didn't complain when I used them on her.

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


I have very thick dead straight hair and this is the only pin that will keep my hair up without the need of elastics. It s brilliant. i didn't think it could hold up all of my hair. but it kept it all up in a bun. LOVE IT!

Shelfie, Wayville SA


I was a bit dubious about the Twist N Pin but it exceeded expectations! I am a big fan of the "messy Bun" do for work on a daily basis and this has helped me get it done quicker and more securely than ever before! I have also looked online at some tutorials and have tried a bunch of new styles too! All easy and all secure and mess free! Love the product!