10 x Twist’n Pin Hair Accessory Sets

About The Product

Imagine a hair accessory smaller than a lipstick that you can use anytime, anywhere to create an amazing hairstyle in seconds.

Get creative with fabulous hair styles by twisting your hair into the desired style such as a perfect ballet bun, undone/messy bun, twisted side pony knot or soft chignon style.   Simply twist pin in clockwise to securely hold for a great style that lasts all day.  Then untwist to remove without any damage to the hair with our smooth easy glide coating, no snagging or tangling with our double dipped tips and rounded top that aids in better hold and ease of handling.

The unique flexible high yield coils move smoothly and easily through all hair types including very thick, straight or curly hair which have the hold of 20 bobby pins.

The Twist’n pin is the most versatile hair accessory you can have in you beauty kit.   The Twist’n pin is amazing for everyday styles and for DIY formal styles.  Ballet and Physical Culture….no problem.  No more “ouch” from bobby pins and the Twist’n pin will be your next BFF when travelling.

Product Reviews

sass153, North Lakes (QLD) QLD


Absolutely love it! Feels like my hair is floating and no more headaches from the bobby pins and tight hair ties!! So easy to use and actually stays in, I love that I can lie down on them and still be comfy, what a great idea, have already recommended them to my friends! We'll done!

Tamara361, Esperance WA


Love this product. Such a clever idea. Simple and easy to use, I highly recommend it.

Michele, Warrnambool VIC


This product is very unique ...
It is fun to use and works well at keeping thick long hair in place.
It is easy to use as well and delivers what it promises.
I did find it a little bit restrictive as you can only do certain styles with it but the styles you can do stay in place and have none of the loose bits that pins and clips have .
I would recommend this product to anybody that has long hair and wears it up at times .
This is a product that I would buy again

Kasey14, Cranebrook NSW


I was amazed by how simple and easy it was to create amazing hairstyles in my hair. I've had many compliments so far since using these pins. If you are considering buying, I wouldn't hesitate, I'm very impressed!!

Charlotte, Lewisham NSW


These fun and useful accessories left a good impression from start to finish. The packaging is gorgeous, and each set comes with two pins and a cute little organza bag to store them in as well as a card with suggestions of how to use the pins. The pins are easy to use and perfect for a quick up-do or creating a more sophisticated look - they're very versatile! They go in easily and it only takes about 60 seconds to put your hair up using them. They are very comfortable and don't pull or pinch like many other clips I have tried using. The only downside for me was that I found they don't often stay in when I'm really moving around a lot and sometimes my hair loosens, though I think this might be because I have pretty long hair, and I have yet to play around with different ways of securing it to overcome this. This may also be a trade-off for using something which doesn't really pull tightly on your hair, and if this is the case it's a trade-off I'm willing to make! Overall these work wonderfully and I would recommend them to any woman! They feel like they will last forever (they are made of stronger thicker metal than bobby pins which I find bend out of shape very easily) and I am sure I will continue to use them a lot in the future!