10 x Tubtrug Packs

About The Product

Tubtrugs are the ideal solution for your storage and carrying needs. With uses indoors or outside, in the garden or to help keep the house tidy, Tubtrugs do the job with style.

Tubtrugs are durable, resilient and flexible: they will stand up to whatever you can throw at them. Available in 8 convenient sizes, you can use Tubtrugs to store anything—even food! Tubtrugs are made of certified food grade safe virgin low-density polyethylene, which means they are non-toxic and safe.

Tubtrugs are available in 10 bold colours, and they’re UV proof, frost proof, and fade resistant. Tubtrugs are strong enough to carry up to 100kg and the ‘golfball’ handles are ergonomically built for comfort and strength.

Because Tubtrugs are virtually indestructible, you never have to worry about them cracking, shattering, splitting or breaking. They’re great for everything from storing ice and drinks at a party, to keeping pet beds off the floor, to containing the mess of toys that live in the kids’ rooms. The micro-mini size is just the right size for the lolly bags at kids’ parties!

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Product Reviews

Zorica3, Templestowe VIC


I love this product and am telling all my friends about it. I have a toddler and there are million and one uses for the tubs, currently I'm using them to store he's toys that I keep in the lounge under the dinning table for everyday play, but when the weather gets warmer we'll be using the tubs for outside for splashing toddler pool and putting sand so he can build sandcastles as it's child safe. Also what I love about the tubs is that they are so flexible. I have seen some other brands in the stores similar design but not as good quality at the tubs and they aren't flexible.

Also when I have my son's birthday I plan on using the tubs to transfer food and drinks in them because they are so safe, there are endless uses for the tubs.

Great product love it 10 out 10


daphnew4, Orchard Hills NSW


Lovely colours. Using them for doing lots of things around the house and garden. My grandchildren love the mini size one for their lollies.

Trisha3, Tumbi Umbi NSW


These tubs arrived at the perfect time. My husbands 40th birthday party was on the weekend & we filled a few with ice to hold the drinks in. I filled the largest size with sand & it kept the kids amused all night playing & building mini sandcastles. Used the mini tubs on the table, one with peanuts & one for the shells, everyone loved how cute they were! We took the boat out the next day & my husband used them to carry all the bait and tackle. I put snacks & drinks into one & loved how that i could squeeze it into the car because the sides are so flexible. My teenage daughter claimed one & took it to the beach with a few friends, she thought it was great how her & her friends could all throw their towels etc in & then 2 people could grab a handle each & carry it. My 12 year son claimed the red tub as it matched his room it now is filled with Lego. He finds it so much easier to carry than a hard plastic container that he had been using & even took it to a friends place. The uses for these are endless & the bright colours are amazing. They are very soft & flexible but at the same time extremely flexible & easy to use. I highly recommend them to everyone!

mrwonderful5433, Clare SA


I have been using Tubtrugs for some weeks now and I think they are very useful around the house. I took the large one camping and used it for washing up the dishes and we also used it for cleaning ourselves up after the day's activities. I'm very pleased with Tubtrugs and I recommend them to one and all. I received 8 ranging from small to very large and have used them extensively around the house. The only negative I found is that if you are going to put liquid in them, put the Tubtrug where you are going to use it as they are awkward to move with liquid in them.