10 x Trays of Australian Mangoes

About The Product

Australian Mangoes are the true taste of summer; with a sweet, fragrant aroma and delicious juicy flesh they taste fantastic simply enjoyed on their own or in a variety of recipes.

Australian Mango season is almost in full swing, which means that summer is just around the corner. 

Around 8 million trays of mangoes will be harvested from the Northern Territory down to Victoria this season. Whether you prefer to cool down with a mango smoothie or kick back on a summer’s evening with BBQ’d mango cheeks, there are many varieties to choose from, including Kensington Pride; a popular mango offering golden flesh and a sweet, succulent flavour.

For many, mangoes bring back summertime memories as soon as they taste the first fruit of the season. Whether you’re speaking to a child or their grandparent, mango season creates excitement year after year.

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, Australian Mangoes are low in fat and high in energy, making them a perfect snack to keep the kids energised all summer long.

There are several mango varieties now available in supermarkets across Australia with the season due to run until March next year.

Visit www.mangoes.net.au or www.facebook.com/AussieMangoes  for more information.

Product Reviews

Debra64312, Engadine NSW


OMG these are the biggest, juiciest mangos I have ever seen. The kids were into them as I lifted the box onto the kitchen bench. My daughter is making mango sorbet as a write this. One happy family! Did I mention they are huge and juicy!

Ali103, Roseville NSW


I received these Friday night - packed carefully in a sturdy tray. My first thought was they were the biggest and best looking mangoes I'd ever seen.
They didn't disappoint.
Having 4 kids 7 and under in the house they didn't last long.
They were perfection - big, juicy, tasty - honestly the best mangoes I have ever tried.
They got the tick of approval from the husband and kids as well as the fussy toddler.
Highly recommend.

Christine405, Greystanes NSW


I brought mangoes a few weeks ago and this was obviously too early in the season as they do not compare with the tray I received last week. So far the mangoes that have been eaten have tasted divine and are full of juice. In the past I have just cut and eaten mangoes but having a tray I'm exploring different ways of using mangoes. So far I have made a simple salad special by adding mango. Tomorrow night it's fish and mango salsa. This weekend my friends are coming over for mango daiquiri's.
I generally buy mangoes because I love the taste but now that I know they are full of vitamins and minerals and low fat they are no longer a guilty pleasure.

Andrew, Hurstville NSW


I think my eyes must have popped when the delivery man handed me a box of the brightest biggest golden mangoes I have ever seen! Since that glorious day, I have been enjoying the sweet sweet juicy flesh of these delicious SunWest Australian Kensington Pride mangoes. Everything you imagine or want in a mango, here it is. OK. That's all. I hear the call of some sliced mangoey goodness calling me from the fridge...

Amanda D, Bronte NSW


Sunwest Seven Fields Australian Kensington Pride Mangoes are large, heavy, perfect mangoes that are beyond delicious! Excellent served chilled or at room temperature, they are without a doubt, the very best mangoes we’ve tasted. Super juicy yet firm with a very subtle hint of citrus, they’re easy to prepare and store very well in the fridge once cut. Shared with family and friends, this box of gorgeous, cheeky mangoes really brightened up our weekend & we’ll be looking out for the distinctive Sunwest Seven Fields mango stickers at the supermarket….

Estera2, Stanhope Gardens NSW


The best surprise i have ever received, Thank you
The mango's were amazing, as my mother said first class grade mango's, they were absolutely Delicious, fresh, sweet and juicy.
Thank you

gee1, Monterey NSW


These mangoes where absolutely amazing. A larger sized mango with a large seed but they were deliciously juicy and tasted truly as you would dream a mango to taste, seductively sweet and totally refreshing!. They were bursting with flavour and where truly the best mangoes I had eaten all summer. Will be back for more!!

Vivien52, Chester Hill NSW


I won a tray of mangoes as part of the Lifestyle food competition. The mangoes arrived neatly packed in a tray, all very similar ripe in yellow and red skin colours. Each mango was taste tested by me, all were very sweet, and full of summer flavours. I was able to use it in desserts, which these mangos kept their flavours. I was eating mangos everyday, and these never failed to impress. A true Australian summer fruit.