10 x The Code adventure book sets

About The Product

Win both books in ‘The Code’ adventure series from Dr Martin Cole - ‘The Code of the Pharaoh’ and new release ‘The Code of the Apocalypse’

Acclaimed author Dr Martin Cole is releasing the second book in ‘The Code’ trilogy, The Code of the Apocalypse ($24.95), an engrossing adventure thriller inspired by scientific and historical facts.  The world has survived a foretold Apocalypse, but what really happened on that fateful day? What powerful force was behind the threat of destruction? The Code of the Apocalypse will be launched at the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival, and readers can win a copy of this exciting new release, as well as the first book in the series, The Code of the Pharaoh ($24.95). For more information on the books visit http://www.imrac-books.com/

Product Reviews

Jensta, Kirrawee NSW


I have found the first two books in this trilogy to be exciting, interesting and gripping at times. I will certainly be looking forward to purchasing the third one.
Both of these books keep you pining for the ending but wanting to go through the processes to get there. I could not put these books down and absolutely love how they have been written.
I recommend these books to anyone wanting to really sink their teeth into something great.

Joanne503, Gilston QLD


Dr Martin Cole's books satisfy the desire of the reader to be transported to faraway lands, to be intrigued, to experience some suspenseful moments, to learn something, and to enjoy a bit of romance along the way! Having travelled in Egypt many years ago, "The Code of the Pharaoh" offered me a trip down memory lane to that hot, humid, ancient land where every tour guide calls himself an 'Egyptologist'. It was great to vicariously revisit sites I'd been to, and to be reminded of the meaning of some of the hierglyphs, the rituals, and the various gods of prominence. "The Code of the Apocalypse" enabled me to be an armchair traveller to places I haven't been before. Having come to know Joanne, Alan, Sophia, and Charles from the first novel, the reader has that sense of familiarity like being with old friends. I found myself caring more about the characters in the second novel in the series. These books are an interesting, informative, and easy read.

Penny123, Mannum SA


What a great read. Hard to put down. Excited to read the 3rd book.