10 x THE BLESSED BEAN Coffee Packs

About The Product

At THE BLESSED BEAN we only us 100% arabica coffee which has a delicacy and flavour that is unrivalled in its botanic variety. We only choose high grade arabica which is judged by international panels of qualified professionals as being the finest coffee on offer. Our coffee is carefully selected and we know how to highlight its complex aroma and taste. From around the globe we search for coffee that displays attributes that will tantalise the senses of our customers and spark the curiosity of the adventurous.

We give personality to our coffee! Our belief is that each palette is different so our blends have been handcrafted to have specific character which have been designed to meet our blends persona. Our Hombre coffee is designed with the male character in mind, this coffee is strong and bold with undercurrents of rich dark chocolate and rum with a lingering after taste of pipe tobacco. The señorita is aimed at the feminine gender with bright floral notes, full body, and light pleasant acidity. Our espingarda is a punchy smooth blend that will catapult you into action, while the God cup offers the consumer a single origin experience for them to ponder.


Product Reviews

Hiannie, New Beith QLD


It was an absolute delight trying out this coffee. It has such a smooth taste and rich aroma which I thoroughly enjoyed. The coffee was also the perfect boost that I needed in the mornings. I especially love the packaging, it's so very different to anything I've seen.