10 x Tea Harvest Gourmet Essentials Packs

About The Product

A gourmet tea pack to suit all palettes! Explore our finest loose leaf blends from the delicious Japanese Dew to the classic French Earl Grey. This essential kit will keep those winter chills at bay and the flavours will impress family and friends.

At Tea Harvest we offer a premium range of loose-leaf teas that have been selected by us on our tea travels.

In Australia we are fortunate to have farmers who grow some of the best organic herbs in the world.  When available, we source these for our herbal tisanes and blends.  We also create unique signature blends using tea from the Daintree region in Queensland.

Join us at our regular farmers markets across Victoria to learn more and sample our delicious flavours from across the globe!

Product Reviews

Matthew, Aspendale Gardens VIC


I'm have to admit I am a bit of a Tea Snob. Having said that these teas are really good.
I'm not a big fan of Lemongrass and Ginger, and often find the flavours out of balance, but this company has been able to balance the flavours to perfection.
My only complaint it that the Pheonix Green Tea is a little too strong and over powering. Other than that these Tea's will more than likely become staples in my cupboard alongside the other premium brand currently in there range.
Well worth whatever price is paid for this Tea range.

Annette4, Maudsland QLD


I worked in a Tea shop for 12 months so have tried a lot of tea, French Earl Grey is a favourite of mine and this did not disappoint at all. The Japanese Dew green tea is my new favourite now, loved the flavour. Lemongrass and Ginger is a refreshing tea, I like to add a little honey to this. I can also recommend the Russian caravan and Phoenix green all great quality with nice flavours. Much better than teabags from the supermarket.

Rebecca2526, Theodore ACT


This very attractive tea box included: 1 x 50g Earl Gray black tea, 1 x 50g Japanese Dew, green tea, 1 x 50g Lemongrass and Ginger herbal tisane, 1 x 100g Russian Caravan loose black tea,
1 x 100g Phoenix Green tea and 1 large mesh tea infuser.
French Earl Grey:
I found this tea to be medium-bodied, with an enhancing soft citrus floral aroma and taste. This is quite a versatile tea to have in the pantry, great for all-day drinking through till night. This is a the perfect accompaniment with afternoon tea. I had this tea with milk and found it to be very pleasant tasting.
Japanese Dew green tea:
I found this particular tea to have a roasted depth to the fresh, grassy taste of Sencha. The aroma was gorgeous and I could smell the aromatics of the rose, cornflowers and calendula. This tea is perfect on its own, any time of the day. Packaging recommends no milk or sugar.
Lemongrass and Ginger:
This was my favourite tea although it was very hard to make a choice. The Zesty aroma and lemongrass plus the spicy flavour of ginger creates a a bit of a wild and very refreshing flavour. This tea is without doubt an organic taste sensation. This and zesty lemongrass tea gives you an energizing and cleansing feeling to your whole day. This tea is gratifying both hot and cold, its light lemony tang also helped aid my digestion. A great remedy if you are suffering from a winter cough or cold. Packaging recommends no milk.
Phoenix Green:
You can taste the beautiful certified organic green leaves which produced a delicate aroma with a smooth yet distinctly rich grassy flavor. It is a pleasant tea with a natural fresh smoothness yet an appealing light nutty aftertaste. This tea tasted light and refreshing. I enjoyed this the Phoenix Green Tea daily and most at night. We had this tea as an accompaniment to our Asian Cuisine as it is great on the stomach before a meal. Packaging recommends no milk or sugar.
Russian caravan:
The black tea has light Smokey brew giving a medium-bodied tea that tastes perfect. It was a well rounded and balanced tea with a refreshing flavor. We had this appealing tea with some Asian cuisines. It also tastes brilliant with some chocolate after dinner or just throughout the day. You can have this before dinner to obtain a great appetite as well. I had this black. The packaging recommends this as well.

TEAHARVEST is absolutely perfect for anyone who likes to drink great quality tea. Their Tea’s are all packaged beautifully and prepared with great care. You can taste that pure quality and flavor with every sip . I highly recommend you try the quality and experience what Teaharvest has to offer. The Tea’s are just perfect to have for any occasion or any time of the day.