10 x Super Healthy Hampers from Metabolic Food

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About The Product

The Metabolic Food Company is the source of super healthy Australian food products. All our products are developed by Australian experts, natural and without additives, especially no-added sugar. Our business supports credible, responsible Australian health products.

SuperStart breakfast blend - the super low GI (32), no-added sugar, all-natural cereal.

*A delicious, nutrient dense blend of whole grains, nuts and seeds.

*High protein, fibre, moderate in carbs and good for you fats, super low in sugar and salt.

*A super satisfying start for weight loss, diabetics, healthy-eaters, sugar and salt busters.

Super Activated almonds

Salt & vinegar chips are so last season. SuperActivated Almonds with sea salt & apple cider vinegar will kick you in the taste buds and leave you satisfied for hours. To put it simply they’re the healthiest and most intoxicating new nibble the whole family can enjoy. And the taste and crunch factor is sublime.

Little China Teas

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapeutic tonic teas developed by practitioner of 30 years standing. Hamper includes ‘UpLift’, ‘CleanOut’, ‘Slimming’. Highly effective, easy-drinking, hydrating teas without caffeine. Drink daily to benefit your body with a mild tonic. www.metabolicfood.com.au