10 x Sugarless Organic Stevia Packs

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About The Product

Certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Sugarless Organic Stevia is the only organic stevia available on Australian supermarket shelves and is available nationally in Woolworths in 200g canisters (RRP $7.99), box of 80 sticks (RRP $8.99) and tablet packs of 200 (RRP $7.99.)

Consumers cannot be guaranteed that a product is organic unless it displays an organic certification logo, such as the ACO ‘Bud’ logo, protecting consumers from misleading claims and guaranteeing the item has been produced with the health and welfare of consumers, animals and the environment in mind*.

Stevia has become the world's most popular natural sweetener because of its low calorie and carbohydrate content, making it the perfect, healthy-alternative to sugar.

Stevia is an extract from the Chrysanthemum plant family which grows wild as a small shrub in parts of South America.  Extracted, steeped and dried like tea, then purified and blended with organic certified Erythritol - a sugar found naturally in some fruits that has zero calories - stevia’s sweetness develops from the glycosides in its leaves.

Benefits of Sugarless Organic Stevia include; low calories, low carbohydrates, tooth-friendly, diabetic-friendly, high digestive tolerance, can be used for all cooking needs and hot and cold drinks.

The only organic stevia available in Australian supermarkets with no nasty surprises, Sugarless Organic Stevia is proudly manufactured in Australia by an iconic Australian brand and family.


*Information sourced http://www.bfa.com.au/WhyOrganics.aspx

Product Reviews

kitty1, Caulfield North VIC


I found this product excellent. The packaging is very good, coming in different sizes to suit different famuly needs, and the stick, tablets etc. cater for all different uses.
I love the tast in my coffee, I don't miss sugar at all, and using it in cooking and on cereal it is excellent.

Lisa2010, Millendon WA


This is a great alternative sweetener. It leaves no after taste that I can detect. Everything that I have used it in or on has tasted the same as it did when sugar was used. We used it in baking and made the initial mistake of using the same amount of stevia as I would have sugar. As it is sweeter than standard sugar much less is needed. Once I got proportions right, we used it in tea and coffee, pancake batter, cakes, muffins and to make coulis and could not notice a taste difference than when using regular sugar.

Tara, Balwyn North VIC


Stevia is a fantastic product! I used it to make many cakes and no one knew they were sugar free as they tasted great. Furthermore, it is great in coffee tastes just like sugar!

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


love love love this product.. having as sweet tooth and wanting to be able to take accountability for my calories, this product is a savior. the flavour of my food & drinks are not compromised in anyway, and i am still getting the same amount of sweetness i need to make my food tasty.

Naomi319, Eagleby QLD


I was recently given Stevia sugarless organic natural sweetener to taste test, I have previously tried other Stevia products and found that they left an aftertaste in my mouth. The sugarless organic sweetener though is a great product. I love the taste, I use it in my coffees throughout the day and it's just perfect. I've used it in baking, and was a little hesitant, but it turned out perfectly, the taste was spot on and so far neither my husband or my kids have noticed! So I love it, and i'll buying it in the future too.

Lisa2010, Millendon WA


We bake all the time, so as soon as we received the pack we put it to use.
We have used the tablets and sugar sticks in coffee, tea and hot chocolate. My teenage boys usually have two teaspoons of sugar in there tea so we replaced it with only 1 of the stevia and no change in flavor was detected.
We used the loose sugar in pancakes, cupcakes, muffins and cakes.
Although we had a few issues at first with getting the proportions right (stevia is much sweeter than sugar and much lighter in weight so you need to adjust amounts) once we got the hang of it the finished product was devoured as usual. Do funny aftertaste like with saccharin sweeteners.
I highly recommend making the change and will continue to substitute stevia from now on.

Fotini6, Ballajura WA


I have never tried Stevia previously, but after receiving this pack of Stevia products I will be popping this on my shopping list from now on.
I usually sprinkle a little Equal on my Weetbix every morning for breakfast to give it a sweet taste, but have found this product to be a much healthier option.
My family loves my banana muffins I make with "real" sugar and I have recently made a delicious batch with Stevia and you know what it tastes the same. So a much healthier option for us too.