10 x Stolen Recipe Ice Tea Hampers

About The Product

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea is Australia's only ice tea made with freshly brewed loose leaf tea (not tea extract) and sweetened with fruit juice (not sugar).  Available in the chilled juice section of Woolworths Supermarkets for $3.99 (750ml bottle).

Flavours include:
Watermelon + Raspberry (White Tea)
Berry + Pomegranate (Green Tea)
Classic Peach (Black Tea)
Lemon + Lime (Peppermint Tea)

Stolen Recipe is 100% natural, no additives. 100% Australian owned and made.

Product Reviews

Angela281, Hatton Vale QLD


I received 2 boxes today, one containing x6 'Watermelon + Raspberry (White Tea)' & the other x6 'Berry + Pomegranate (Green Tea)'. My immediate though 'JACKPOT'! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS TRIAL!
My mum & son who are avid iced tea lovers immediate review was 'it's great!'. I was ready for 'meh' from myself, but was so happily proved wrong, it's not like any other iced tea I've ever had before. It must be because of the brewed loose leaf, & the yummy natural fruit juices, which you CAN ACTUALLY TASTE- SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!
Thanks again!

reebok55, Ferntree Gully VIC


I received the Watermelon + Raspberry and Berry + Pomegranate flavours. Both ice teas had a delicious flavour, with Watermelon + Raspberry being my favourite. They were both refreshingly different compared to other ice teas and I would continue to drink this brand in the future. I'd like to give the Lemon + Lime one a try next time.

Casey205, Southport QLD


I was lucky enough to sample the Berry + Pomegranate (Green Tea) and Classic Peach (Black Tea) products from Stolen Recipe Ice Tea. I found both flavours to be true to the description. While the flavours were lovely and strong, I felt that the drinks were much too sweet for my taste. I really did love the flavours though so I tried watering them down a bit and was then able to enjoy the drinks properly. As far as ice tea goes, this brand is great. I recommend giving them a try and will be buying more in future!

Rita192, Mill Park VIC


Thank You for giving me this opportunity to rate this product. I was sent two flavours only. All my family enjoyed the watermelon and rasberry flavour. Drinking it straight from the fridge was a big thirst quencher. It was not very sweet and we all enjoyed the refreshing taste. My children were very happy to drink it.
The other flavour however no one in the household enjoyed it. We were sent the lemon and lime. The taste reminded us of some type of medicine. We tried placing it in the fridge and with ice but to no avail. We did not like this flavour. Left a very bitter taste in our mouth. My children did not like the taste as well. We would definetely buy the rasberry flavour. Once again thank you. Rita K

zeds_place, Bundall QLD


we got to indulge on the Watermelon/Raspberry and Lemon/Lime iced tea combinations - both were pretty good, but the Watermelon/Raspberry was definitely my favourite. it's great that they weren't overly sweet like other brands i had tried, and generally avoided, due to the over-sweetness. the hint of tartness within the WatermelonRaspberry provides a nice kick of refreshment. it's a shame that it isn't summer as these drinks would be a great refreshment with ice, however, again most probably because they are not over-sweetened, they are still quite enjoyable without the "chill". would highly recommend - all flavour, not sugar!