10 x Stolen Recipe Ice Tea Hampers

About The Product

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea is Australia's only ice tea made with freshly brewed loose leaf tea (not tea extract) and sweetened with fruit juice (not sugar).  Available in the chilled juice section of Woolworths Supermarkets for $3.99 (750ml bottle).

Flavours include:
Watermelon + Raspberry (White Tea)
Berry + Pomegranate (Green Tea)
Classic Peach (Black Tea)
Lemon + Lime (Peppermint Tea)

Stolen Recipe is 100% natural, no additives. 100% Australian owned and made.

Product Reviews

Janeen12, Nowra NSW


I have never been a fan of ice tea ...until now. I am so grateful to have to been given the chance to try this delicious all natural cafe style ice tea. I'm totally addicted to it !
The two flavours I tried were Classic Peach and Lemon and Lime.
Classic Peach is refreshingly sweet made with brewed black ceylon tea and grape, peach and lemon juice. Knowing that there is no added sugar or nasty preservatives makes it the perfect afternoon indulgence, relieving that 3:30 pm blood sugar dip.
Lemon and Lime is made with Peppermint Tea , Grape, Lime and Lemon juice and some fabulous herb goodness. Its actually one of the most heavenly drinks I have tasted. It really feels like drinking it is doing my body a favour with the bonus of tasting great !
I'm so glad to have found a nutritious natural drink without too many kilojoules . Thanks so much Lifestyle Food , Stolen Recipe Ice Tea has been a fantastic discovery !

Amelia123, Stawell VIC


Loved the Watermelon and Raspberry! Fantastic flavour without too much sweetness that often happens with other brands of Ice tea. The Classic Peach is delicious and unpretentious, fantastic for a sweet treat and thrist quenching.

Debbie806, Elizabeth Downs SA


I received the lemon lime pepermint Tea and the peach black tea drinks, when I opened the peppermint tea one the smell of peppermint was incredible and you could taste the peppermint and the lemon lime flavour was subtle but there, and the peach flavour was nice also, both drinks were refreshing and easy to drink they wern't heavy (as some drinks are that contain sugar), I like that they are light and refreshing, which will be great on a hot day, I am a convert and will be trying the other flavours soon

Rachael , North Parramatta NSW


Am loving the yummy sample flavours received and look forward to seeing these in store to trial the other 2 flavours.

Bit hit of flavour with less sugar content.

Samantha476, Spencer Park WA


I definitely like the idea of this product, being 100% natural and Australian made. I received the Lemon & Lime flavour and the Classic Peach to try. I tried the Lemon & Lime first and I didn't really like the taste of it. Then I tried the Classic Peach which I enjoyed much more.
I think this is a good product, you just need to find the flavour that suits you.
I'd like to try the other available flavours to see how they compare.