10 x Secure Clutch and Secure Passport Wallet Sets

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About The Product

If I’m on the go, the only thing I want with me is my wallet. So my wallet has to be chic, organized and secure. This elegant leather wallet has 13 card slots, plus four large shielded areas to accommodate bills, a chequebook, even a full-size passport, plus two zippered compartments for change or keys with snap fastener. Is there anything else I can ask for?

Yes. RFID Security.

Identity Stronghold does this best.

All Australian Passports issued since October 2006 as well as passports from many other countries have a Radio-Frequency-IDentification chip embedded inside its cover. These chips allow authorities to scan passports from a distance, making border crossing a little faster. However, it also makes stealing identities a whole lot easier.

The Identity Stronghold Genuine Leather Passport Holder is fully shielded to protect your personal details from being stolen. The passport is held in place by a clear plastic sleeve and Velcro tabs for easy removal.

This Secure Clutch Wallet and Secure Passport Wallet from Identity Stronghold feature the best RFID shielding in the industry, from an industry leader. Thieves Beware!

These sets are available in black or tan.

Available in Australia from House Bound Trading. www.houseboundtrading.com


Product Reviews

Amber, Reedy Creek QLD


The Secure Clutch and Passport Wallets from House Bound Trading are fantastic products to own, especially in our technology savvy world that has increasing rates of identity theft. The Secure Clutch is not only a practical solution, but is stylish with a modern design. When first opened it has room for seven business/bank cards, with room for six more inside. Room to safely hold bank notes and zipped compartment for coins (with a great quality zip) are also inside. An extra zipped pocket at the bank of the wallet is also very handy. The Secure Passport Wallet is slick in design making it much more practical than other bulky Passport Wallets on sale today. It is easy to use as passport can easily be removed when necessary. I would happily buy both of these items for myself, friends and family, to avoid radio frequency identification (RFID), and therefore ensuring our finances and identities are secure.

Lisakaye, Everton Hills QLD


Wow what a wonderful product to review, I recieved the ladies clutch and passport holder, I have to say when i arrived on the doorstep the first two things i noticed was.
1. The packaging, it was packaged in lovely traditional black boxes with the company logo on it.
Which always reminds of of those traditional companies with family values.
2. The smell of new leather, there are some things that are just priceless and thats one of them.
The first item i tested was the passport holder, the stitching and clasps were well made and the passports holder itself looked very classy. When i first out my passport in the wallet it appeared not to sit quite right, but after a little adjustment with the clasp, I found it a perfect fit. I have actually had it on my mind for some time to purchase one of these, but this is even better with the added security to protect against Identity theft.

Then i tested the wallet, Ok i have to admit i am one of these ladies with like a million cards and crap in my purse, no matter how hard i try to cut down my load, it never works. So First off looking at the wallets themselves the stitching zips and clasps all work fine, the wallet itself looks amazing modern and definitely something i would myself use.
The first thing I notice is the main cards and drivers licence window, For once its actually a decent size where i can put my licenece in and out with ease, because in almost every purse i have had this has been a issue, There were card spaces for 13 cards, Ok there will never be enough card spaces for me until our cards go digital.
But the cards fitted as well as my current purse and all my other, cards notes and crap that lives in my wallet was transferred, It was a tight squeeze and i didnt think the clutch was going to shut, But it did and kept its shape well, I think with a little use it would get broken it.
After using the wallet for a week it has broken in well and i am loving it. The zipper pocket is very handing for keeping little notes of receipts. The coin purse is holding up well.
I went to the local store and tested the identity theft function of the purse, I held it up to the paywave machine nothing. I opened the purse up and held it up to the machine and nothing.
I love this fact about protection, because its out and out scare y how someone can take your information and do god knows what. (and its never good)
I would definitely purchase this product and also recommend it to anyone wanting a product that is true to their word and actually does what it says it will. The added bonus is that it looks great, and feels great to use.
The only thing i would change would be a ever so slightly larger size, so i can pile even more stuff in.
And i have already suggested to a couple of family members to purchase this, for a couple reasons, that they travel overseas allot, and also if they are protected against these things they can feel safer and relax more.

Joan185122, Bayswater WA


I have recently used my passport holder and wallet on a trip to Thailand and as I travelled alone I felt very secure in the knowledge that my passport and cards could not be accessed, I found the wallet to be very functional and easy to use with it slimline form and found it so convenient to access all my cards and monies. Overall I found the wallet and passport holder to be of really good quality and would highly recommend to everyone. The only negative was if I was travelling with family group, I usually tend to all the passports and hope that you wil bring in a wallet with multiple slips in for passports.

Karen, Lockwood South VIC


Absolutely love them, they look and feel lovely, definitely a product I'm going to buy for friends and family.

Marjorie22, Wedderburn VIC


Wow I just love my new secure clutch passport and wallet set great card slots lots off compartments great passport love the chip in the cover I have passed on the web site to my family and friends and get lots of comments about my new wallet and passport thank you so much.

Kelli59, Nollamara WA


Both items are well stitched and look like they are made of quality leather. The zip inside the clutch purse is a little bit stiff and needs a bit of encouragement to zip, but as it wears a bit it will probably get easier.
The clutch wallet has enough spots for credit cards, and the spots are big enough so you can get the credit cards in and out easily.
The passport can be easily inserted and removed from the passport wallet.
I tested the clutch wallet at the woolworths checkout and my debit card could not be read when inside the clutch, with either the clutch open or closed.
The zipper pockets are conveniently placed and well sized.
Overall the clutch wallet is very convenient, although is a little too big for my current handbag.
It is a wallet I would probably buy for my mum or grandmother as a present. I like it, but it doesn't really fit my style - I prefer my wallets to look a bit more "fancy" - be it more embellished or patent leather etc
Yes, I would recommend the wallet and would probably even consider buying it as a gift.
Yes, there are sufficient card sleeves.
If I could change one thing it would probably be the way it looks.

Gaye2, Erina NSW


The stitching was perfect as were the zippers & clasps.
I was surprised that the credit card slots took the cards easily on the first try.I generally have to wait till they stretch a bit at first on other wallets I have bought.
Passport wallet looks fine & I love the anti scan on both passport & wallet without adding extra weight.I expected it to be much heavier.
Zipper pockets are good.

I would recommend the wallet to a friend as it is stylish ,slim could be used as a purse/wallet on its own.

I loved the credit card section inside where you keep your notes but I do prefer more credit card/loyalty card sleeves.

My current wallet has surpassed my needs & I am now know after years & years & many wallets what I personally want.

I have a wallet that has an extra flap on the outside to take another 16 cards & a pen.This saves diving in your handbag trying to find that elusive pen you know is there but you cant find.
An extra window would be good to display Drivers Lisence & Pension card without having to take them out to show when using public transport.

I would also love it if you had some colours in your range as I find black wallets although stylish disappear in your handbag & a coloured one stands out.

In conclusion very close to excellent.I'm just fussy now as I have finally found out what my perfect wallet is after a long long time.

Pamela, Launceston TAS


Thank you for the opportunity to use and review the Secure Clutch and Secure Passport Wallet. With an overseas holiday planned in the near future the inability of my passport and bank details to be secretly stolen will certainly enable me to travel with more confidence. I was pleasantly surprised with the rapid delivery, soft leather exterior and quality finish however my personal preference is for a few more card slots. Regardless, the clutch is currently in daily use, and should remain so for quite a time as it appears it will take a while to wear it out!
Again, thank you. My rating is 4/5 stars.