10 x Say It With Scent Gift Box

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About The Product

Say it with Scent is an Australian giftware company dedicated to creating products which turn bath and body care rituals into pleasurable self indulgence. Karen Stanton, the creator of Say it with Scent was inspired to craft this range by her love of being surrounded by beautiful objects.

Divine scents combine with luxury packaging to enhance even the most lavish boudoir or bathroom. A gift from Say it with Scent will delight the woman who appreciates the better things in life. Feel free to treat yourself or someone you love to an affordable luxury.

Say it with Scent’s Black Treasures range is softly fragranced with a sheer fresh floral bouquet of freesia, peony and rose. The base is precious sandalwood and earthy patchouli sweetened with warm sensuous musk notes.

Black Treasures is beautifully packaged using a black teardrop crystal topped with a cluster of genuine fresh water pearls and presented in a beautiful box which can be used to store precious mementos. This Say it with Scent gift set contains a soothing vitamin E rich Body Lotion and a gentle Bubble Bath/Body wash.

Product Reviews

maryouma, Meadow Heights VIC


the box is seriously elegant and very suitable as a gift for anyone,looks luxurious and beautiful colors add a touch of fantasy
the say with scent bottles of bubble bath and hand and body lotion makes you feel like you are using stuff that are specially made for a queen.i love the presentation,they smell absolutely gorgeous and exotic i really love them

maryouma, Meadow Heights VIC


beautiful product very much appreciated,beautifuly scented and perfect to be given as a gift or received ,so elegant and luxurious thank you