10 x Salon Elite Tangle Teezers

About The Product

Detangling wet and dry hair without any tugs or pulls, the Salon Elite has an innovative centralised concave design that delivers firm salon style brushstrokes and from roots to ends.

Featuring patented, uniquely designed teeth which flex and flick as they glide through the hair, the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite eliminates tangles and knots on contact, minimises breakage damage and splitting.

Valued at $29.95 visit www.tangle-teezer.com.au to view the range.

Product Reviews

Bernadette250, Bomaderry NSW


The Elite Tangle Teezer was fantastic on my 3 year old granddaughters long hair! No ouchies and so easy to do. Very happy with this product and so is her mother!

Tammy86, Golden Grove SA


Perfectly fits in the hand.
Combs through hair easily and softly.
I have 4 daughters with all different types of hair = curly, straight, long and short hair.
The Tangle Teezer was great untangling all types of hair, leaving the hair soft and shiny !!

Jennifer1078, Box Hill North VIC


Good product that works well detangling hair. I like using it on wet hair the most as it's gentle and doesn't pull at your hair too much. Would recommend if you have hair that tangles easily.

Heather248, Woodrising NSW


This brush is great, even on my very thick hair. My granddaughter uses it on her long knot prone hair with no problem and we have no problem with tears.

AliciaP63, Chisholm NSW


I really like this comb . I have thick long hair , all this time i thought the bristles on my paddle brush were getting right through but after using this I realized that wasn't the case . Even using it on wet hair was fantastic because I would always have split ends from breakage trying to tackle my mane.
Easy to hold and fits nicely in the hand.
Only thing that can't be done with it is blow dry using it . Other than that it's a great product and I would highly recommend