10 x Rosehip Specialists Rosehip Oils

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About The Product

The Rosehip Specialists is a boutique Australian owned family business, best known for its evidence-based anti-inflammatory supplement, Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO®. Since then they have moved effortlessly into the beauty market in order to enhance people’s external beauty with Rosehip Oil, which has been used for centuries for its potent skin regeneration properties.

The Rosehip Specialists have produced their new Australian Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rose-Hip Vital Rosehip Oil for skin, using only the highest quality Rosehips and extraction method. The Oil, which is cold pressed, is extracted without using heat, solvents or chemicals. A super fine filtering process guarantees its purity to produce one of the finest quality Rosehip Oils on the market.

Rose-Hip Vital Rosehip Oil contains naturally occurring Bioflavonoids which are vitamin-like substances which act as potent anti-oxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage in the skin and thereby helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) in the Oil help to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking.

For more information about Rose-Hip Vital visit www.rosehipplus.com.au Phone: 1800 851 888

Product Reviews

Lisa1047, Tanah Merah QLD


I have been using this product every day since receiving it and I have to say I absolutely love it. Changing from my usual moisturiser to the Rosehip Oil for my face and neck, I have noticed a definite change in the hydration of my skin. But best of all and why I so LOVE this product....I have tried so many moisturising products for my heels which get very dry and crusty with slight cracks showing most of the year. Since massaging the Rosehip Oil into them every couple of nights after using a foot file, then wearing cotton socks for the night, there is a 100% improvement. This is the first and ONLY product I have ever had the good fortune to use that has made any improvement to my heels. Maybe I am using the oil in an unconventional way, but it works perfectly and I will most definitely continue using this product. My large bottle is sure to last some time considering only a few drops need to be used per application which is lucky as I gave the small bottle to my Mum to use on my Dad's heels after I had such an improvement after only a short period of use...and his heels are showing signs of improvement as well.

Angela, East Ipswich QLD


I have been using Rose-Hip Vital twice daily as recommended and have noticed a definite improvement in the feel and appearance of my skin. It is softer to touch and yes those fine lines appear to be a little less noticeable. No side effects at all despite the fact I have sensitive skin.

While I have been aware of the benefits of rosehip oil on stretch marks and scars this is the first time I have used it as a facial skin care product and I'm delighted with the results.

Rose-Hip Vital is a product I will continue to use and would recommend to others.

The Dowd, Homebush Bay NSW


I have very sensitive and reactive skin. The Rosehip oil was very nuturing and very enriching to my skin. At first I only used it at night thinking it was 'oily' which it does feel when you first apply but then if I realised after about half and hour to 1 hour the oil has soaked into my skin completely living my sking feeling really smooth, healthy and plumped. So I started using it in the morning and my skin stayed hydrated all day. The smell is quite neutral and the colour very golden. I applied it by putting it on the back of my left hand and the difference between right and left hands after 3 weeks was quite outstanding. I will continue to buy this wonderful product. It suits me perfectly.

Amanda111, Dubbo NSW


As a long time fan of rosehip oil, I couldn't wait to trial this product when given the opportunity!

The product is well presented in a colourful, decorative box. The bottle is simple and easy to use, with a dropper for accurate measuring.
I massaged 3 drops of this product onto my face and neck after my evening cleanse to allow the product to work its magic overnight.
After using it for a few weeks, my skin is clear with no sign of breakouts (I only get them about monthly!). My face is soft and well moisturised due to the essential fatty acids, which are perfect for my dry skin.
Being reasonably priced, I will definitely continue to use this product.

Lorraine, St Peters SA


This product was amazing. It was so smooth and silky on the skin and did not make the skin feel oily or greasy at all. After applying on my skin after a shower it made my skin so smooth and healthy looking. The fragrance is not strong at all and that is another thing I don't like if it is too strong. Overall it kept my skin very hydrated and would definately use it regularly.

Rachel610, Hallett Cove SA


I really enjoyed using this rosehip oil. It quickly obsorbed into my skin leaving no oily residue. I found you need to use a fair bit more then the recommended 3-4 drops for face coverage but a bottle of this would still last you a long time even using the amounts I did. Much to my surprise the fine lines under my eyes are now barely noticeable. I don't usually hold out much faith for products promising reduced fine lines and wrinkles but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact this rosehip oil actually did. Great product and definetly recommend it!

Nikki114, Wantirna South VIC


Really liked this product, scent was not as strong as expecting which was excellent and long lasting. Dries quickly and noticed great skin improvement. Would definitely recommend, only issue was with the design and application it can drip.

Emma1053, Mt Eliza VIC


I thought it was good , felt beautiful on the skin albit slightly too oily . It didnt do much for me acne wise but left skin feeling hydrated and plump and did slightly reduce scarring . 7/10