10 x Revive, Restore, & Extend Formula's

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About The Product


Revive, Restore, & Extend formula utilises DNA technology discovered by Nobel Prize winning scientist in 2009. The Nobel Prize winning discovery was about a new enzyme called telomerase. A telomere is part of our DNA chromosome, sort of like the ends of our shoelaces keeping the DNA from untangling. As the DNA divides to form new cells the telomere gets shorter until eventually it gets too short and the cell dies. As more cells in our bodies die from shortening telomeres, the more we age.

Our Revive, Restore & Extend formula was developed using a scientifically engineered ingredient called Teprenone by leading French scientists and researchers and is teamed up with another wonder ingredient called Astragalus. Astragalus contains TA-65 molecules, which may activate telomerase and thus maintain the length of our telomeres.

Daily use of DNA YOUTH SPAN will help to;

• Revitalise the skin

• Protect the skin from future signs of aging

• Eliminate the appearance of redness and pore size

• Diminish the appearance of age-spots

• Restore firmness and tone

• Hydrate the skin for a young fresh look

50ml RRP $59

Product Reviews

cazz, Aldinga Beach SA


i have been using SKN for a few weeks now. i love it,the packaging is impressive.i used a small ammount for each application the pot will last for a very long time. my face feels smoother.no oily residue. the scent is subtle and is nice. i will look for it in the shops when my pot is getting low.

Irene33, Hervey Bay QLD


Loved this product. It was light, silky and felt wonderful on my skin. I have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin at all. Just like heaven in a pot! Would highly recommend this product, well worth it!

BethM, Mannering Park NSW


Great product. From the first day I use it I could see results. My skin now looks healthy and hydrated. I have always suffered from my beck and face turning red but by using this cream I have noticed a reduction in redness and pimples. I recommend this cream to anyone. Even when I am tired my face still looks fresh and awake.

Danieller, Greendale VIC


I have loved using this product. It feels great on my skin, has a plesant fragrance and you need very little. My frown lines have definitely decreased and my skin looks much more even and clear. The only downside, and the reason I haven't given it five stars is that you are supposed to use it twice a day however it does not have an SPF in it. As a result I am predominately using it as a night cream.