10 x Qubies Sets

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About The Product

Mum invented Qubies are the award winning upside down ice cube trays which are ideal for boobies and beyond. Perfect for storing homemade baby food and breast milk, they can also be used for the storage of other foods such as excess lemon juice, pestos, stocks, or mini desserts.

With a focus on design and quality you can rest assured you’re buying a multifunctional product that will be around for years. Once you’ve finished using Qubies for baby why don’t you use it to freeze left over stocks, pestos or even fruit juices to add some zing to your summer punch.

The secret to Qubies is the specially designed lid which has the dividers moulded to it. Rather than spoon into individual ice cube pots, simply pour your food into the base, pop on the lid and voila, perfect 30ml portions.

Here’s what our customers love about Qubies:

• Qubies silicon lid means food NEVER sticks to the container

• The super tight seal ensures no spillages, freezer burn or freezer smells

• We’ve cleverly included a ‘Max Fill line’ to make sure you never overfill

• The slim line design means Qubies will fit into any nook and cranny in your freezer.

• Qubies are BPA free, dishwasher & steriliser safe


Product Reviews

Kirsty2, Ashmore QLD


Absolutely awesome. Love it. A lot easier to use than the traditional cube trays - no more mess! I can guarantee I will end up buying some more of these.

jay2abbey, Carey Park WA


Great product which doesn't take up much space in your freezer. Very easy to remove what you've frozen and looks fabulous. I would highly recommend this lovely product.

Cushla, Newport QLD


Thought this was a great product. Such a simple idea. but really effective. I used them for tomato paste, passionfruit pulp and lemon butter. Also considered as adult only use.... jelly shots! Showed them to anybody I could, thought they were great ;-)